How to Find High Quality Printed Lanyard ? [2019]

Before order lanyard, you need to know different style printing ways.

That are total three kind of style: silk screen

print, heat transfer ( sublimation) print, and

woven print.

And there are four ways to find high quality

cheap¬†custom lanyards.Let’s begin:-)

About lanyard history

Lanyard first started being used on ships and

in the military. Lanyard also would be used to

hold pistols. Now,lanyards are used as a means

to display an ID badge or access pass. lanyards

also  serve another very important function at

events: corporate branding. companies use

lanyards as a medium for printing their logo on

and using them as promotional items.

                               4 Important things
that you need to know before finding high quality printed lanyard      




   Printing         Problem

1. Some suggestions to help you know the various processes of lanyard

Before order lanyard, you need to know  different lanyard produce processes and different print.

  A) Printed with Logo or Blank

You can choose to printed logo or not,

because some printing company would like

to order white blank lanyard, and printed by

themselves, because the cost will be less.

Blank lanyard have fast delivery than

printed lanyard.

Our website lets you personalize your own

lanyards in a few easy steps:

Choose a color, add some text, upload a logo

and we’ll sent lanyard design for you

Flat polyester lanyard have two style print: Screen print and Glue Print. The left logo is Glue

print, the right logo is screen print.

B) Reversal or not

Some Customer would like lanyard is reversal, Here is the sample picture no reversal

Here is reversal sample You can check the different between those two picture,choose the style you want.

C) Process flow

   Hope these videos can help you understand the different printing process.

A) Screen Print

B) Heat Transfer 

(Sublimation) Print

C) Woven print

2. How to find a cost-effective lanyard          according to your needs

Before order lanyard, the second thing you
need to know is according you need to
choose cost effect lanyard,because that can

help your save money.

A) The second thing you need to know is according you need to choose 

cost-effect lanyard, because that can help your save money.

If lanyard QTY is more choose screen print will cost less. Because the quantity is more, the price will be cheap.

If lanyard LOGO is more, choose heat transfer

(sublimation) will cost less, because that can help you save dye charge.

Double Ended Lanyards are perfect for security and event management.

Two fixings are supplied at either end of the lanyard to

We can produce full color lanyards using a CMYK process,enabling us to match a Pantone reference if required.

If you want lanyard repeated use, choose woven will be a better choose.


B)  Printed Lanyards is also a Subtle Piece of Promotional Marketing

Lanyard also can be utilized in a wide

range of environments outside of the

office, including exhibitions, trade shows, conferences and corporate events.

Lanyard also can be utilized in a wide range of environments outside of the office, including exhibitions, trade shows, conferences and corporate events.

C)  Personalized lanyards for every situation

Lanyards is extremely popular for people to attend party and Festivals

Personalised lanyard also can be use for gift on Christmas or Valentine’s Day

3. Different lanyard with different delivery dates

In order to make sure the delivery, customer need to choose the correct lanyard.

Screen print and Sublimation can deliver in 24 hours Woven print need at least 7 days and cost is a little high . The only advantage of woven lanyard is Not easy to fade.

Nylon lanyard and Tubular Lanyard also need at least 7 days to produce. Because there seldom have stock color. So customer need to wait extra dye time.

Flat polyester lanyard need Dye charge if lanyard color is not stock color .Because dye need 3 days .We have 42 stock color,that can help customer save dye charge and time.

Emergency Event Some client need printed lanyard for emergency event So need to find factory which can complete production on 24 hours

4. Some printing problems you may encounter

Print lanyard will have some problem you need to learn and can help you know what is the reason for this problem.

 As you can see, some times printed will   have  a problem. Because the lanyard is not   ironing well.

 Here is two different printed lanyard, 

 you can have a check.

Compared with the purple lanyard, Blue lanyard printed is not clear.

Because blue lanyard put too much lnk on it, so will print not clear.

But we can make sure if you order from 4inlanyards, will not happen this print problem

Printed lanyard with clip can hang on pen, ID cards and mobile phone, that can play a promotional role.


Lanyard with ID holder is as identification using in hospitals, special events, schools, reunions, and with numerous recreational activities.

Lanyard also can hang on key, it is

convenience for us to use when you have a lot of keys. Lanyard can help you put all the keys together.

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