The definitive guide to find cheap lanyards online

With the development of the Internet, More and

more people like to shop online . This has become a


1. You will see the design quickly. because you don’t

need to waiting. that will help you save time.

2. You will get the total price quickly.

3. You can choose the delivery date as you like.

Let’s begin


price comparison

quality comparison

delivery comparison

service comparison

If you get this skill, you can pay cheap price to buy high quality lanyard with fast delivery. it

is perfect right ?


                 You need to make price comparison on different supplier


A) price comparison

For example: you can make some price

comparisons on different online custom made

lanyard system , and 

Sample : 2.0*90cm Flat Polyester Lanyard+ one fitting+ one color print on one side

Because 24hour, and

is famous online custom made lanyard system,

so I take this three website for sample.

As you can see the price comparison from the chart. price is most cheap. 24hour is most high. is medium.

This data sheet is for true. No preference for which website.

because I search the price on website and done the date sheet.

You can choose any website as you want, I just show you price comparison

for you to reference.

Tip: Different styles have different prices

You need to compared the actual purchase price, not just look the website discount

For Example

Sometime If you buy at a certain time, there will be a discount online.

But there is a problem, when you use coupon, you will find it doesn’t work.

So, You will be agree with me if website give discounts directly on the total

price instead of use coupon

Because that is convenient for us to order.

Lanyard have five style Before order: You need to think which lanyard you want


 Flat Polyester Lanyard with Silk Print

 Disadvantage: Polyester only can print two

 color for logo, no more than three.

 Advantage: Printing looks more textured,

 polyester is one of the cheapest

 lanyard.and suit for men and women



Most Popular and Fashion

Full Color Lanyard with Heat Transfer


Advantage: More complex logo, such as full

color and gradient logo can be printed. and

lanyard surface is very smooth, very

comfortable to wear. If you logo have many

color, full color lanyard is the best choose.



 Tubular Lanyard with Silk Print

 Advantage:The lanyard is double tubular, it

 is comfortable for wear.

 Disadvantage: Lanyard will bending, and

 logo print is not better than flat polyester



 Woven Lanyard also Name Embroidery

 Advantage: Because the LOGO is woven ,

 lanyard it is not easy to fade and paint.

 One of disadvantage is woven only can do

 simple logo.



Most Shiny

 Nylon Lanyard with Silk Print

 Advantage: material is nylon not polyester,

 so quality is high than polyester. and the

 lanyard is brighter.

 Only disadvantage is nylon produce time

 will be long, about 10-12 days. if you need

 nylon lanyard for urgent, you have to

 purchase in advance.



All kind of lanyards

 When you know the knowledge about

 lanyard. You have been a successful buyer.

 Even you will be more professional than

 the trader. So it is of great importance for

 you to know more about lanyards before

 order.Anyway, it will be helpful for you to

 make a good decision on buying all kinds

 of lanyards.

B) Save Dye and Design Charge

You need to find a factory which have many stock color, because that will help you to save

dye charge.and one dye charge uaually is USD40

That supplier also need to have most new Panton Color because it can avoid color difference.

Even purple and pink lanyard, will bettwen dark and light difference

Some sellers replace Pantone with other

similar colors in order to cut costs.

For Example

One of my friend order lanyard in some website, and

she requst lanyard color is Pantone 319U .

When supplier done produce, they sent lanyard

picture to my friend.

As you can see, that lanyard color is almost same as

Pantone .

If you don’t have high request about color, this will

be great. If you are focus on color difference, that

lanyard color is not correct.

Second, you need to check the factory need to purchase millions of materials and accessories

every year.Only in that way, when you buy fitting, that price will be cheap.

lanard most popular clips is Thumber Trigger, Keychain and safety breakaway.

 that will have many accessories for you to choose, and that is all free.You can decide to choose which you want.

Share my expenrience online

I try to test order lanyard on different website.

In order to respect privacy, I will hide the website design .

That design is for one website,when I began to change design for twice,the supplier told

me change design fees is USD25.

Finally, I was give up and try to search other website.Because I don’t want to pay that fees.

Second website don’t charge change design

fees,it is for free.

But I am waiting for one day, and received

the second design.

when I change for third time, I am waiting

for two days.

Although is free, but the reply is not fast.

If you order is normal, you can choose this website.

If you order is urgent, you would better choose other website.

I continue stilling search, and found .

This website also don’t charge change design fees, no matter

how many times you change, that is all free.

The most imporant is you will received the artwork quickly.

I received the second design in ten minute, it is so fast and convenient for me.

I test three website, and learn we need to looking for a website that design is for free.

No matter how many times you change design, that is all free.

Because that will help us save a lot of money.

Second supplier also need to have fast reply, because save time also mean save money.

C) Support Customize Lanyard Design for Free

Lanyard have four size: ( 3/8’’ , 5/8’’, 3/4’’, 1’’) , length is 35cm,60cm,90cm.

90cm is normal size for men and women, 35cm is for short lanyard, 60cm is for children.

You need to find a factory that can support any customize size.and that is for free, not any

other charge. Because that will help you save customize fees.

Usually one customize design charge is USD30.

Now, you know different lanyard have different characteristics. And if you find a best

supplier, that not only can help you save dye charge but also design fees. and it is at least

USD 65


You need to know what kind of lanyard you want, next go to website to compare the

price, and choose the best one website to place your order .

By doing that, you can save much time. Or it will waste most of your time to make some



You need to make quality comparison to choose high quality lanyard


Some times cheap price also will have bad quality.

So you need to comparison quality,and choose the

high quality lanyard.

He bought 1000pcs lanyards for one organization, he wanted to find one factory who can provide him the lowest price because his budget was limited.

He finally cooperated with one factory who gave him the lowest price.He was happy that he can bought these goods less than the market price.

Unfortunately, he was surprised when he received the goods, most of lanyards were bad .

Then he tried to contacted the factory, the sales told him that his budget was just worthy of these goods.

If he wanted to have high quality products, he should pay more to get it.  He wanted to remade the order, but the supplier didn’t agree. So he just took the loss by himself.

So , you may be wondering:

If the price is cheap, the quality will be bad ?

My answer will be : not necessarily. It depends on whether you can find one reliable


Which factory is worthy of our trust?

A) responsible factory

It is important for you to choose one responsible factory.

One factory that can assure 100% refund the money or remade

the issue order can be trusted.

When customer received product, if they find quality or logo issue, the factory can

produce again for free, and also will take all responsibility.

You can trust it. Because if you made order with this responsible factory, you will

have guarantee of your products. And will have an excellent experience.

Implicit costs will increase

Some times, when you read the price, you

will think that is great.

But, when you decide to pay, seller told you

need to pay other fees. that is a trap

B) tested by industry authority

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C) with Five Star Review

Usually we will see some customer reviews and then decide which factory to cooperate.

So we also need to compared the feedback, and the advice for customer who already buy.

If one website always have one or two star review, maybe this website product isn’t good,

or maybe the services is bad.

So, feedback can reflect something about the product.

Here is some reviews from and

Here is more specific information for the feedback


  You not only need to comparison price but also quality,some cheap price will have bad

  quality. So, you need to choose a responsible factory which have high quality lanyard.

  All of us want to pay less money to buy cheap lanyard with high quality, but it need more   

  time to search. If you get this skill you will easy to find responsible factory.


You need to make delivery comparison to choose the fasted delivery

Because time is money.So, how to choose the fastest


A professional lanyard maker with a good customer

service will help you make order cheaper and quickly

#3 Cheap Price with Fast Delivery

A) Delivery Guarantee

If lanyard price is cheap, but delivery is so long, maybe you don’t have much time to

waiting. So cheap price also need to have fast delivery, you need to check with supplier

whether have delivery guarantee or not? because that will help you save time and money.

As a Result of Delay Delivery

Some times, you need lanyard for an event, if factory can’t make sure delivery guarantee,

you need to take risk for late delivery. If you order lanyard in local, the cost is very high. If

you order lanyard from oversea, the price will be cheap, but delivery maybe will delay. So

you need to check the delivery time, and choose the most fast delivery.

Another clients told me her experience:

She ordered lanyard online on Aug 2rd, and supplier make sure lanyard

will received on 12th, but supplier in order to save money to choose

cheap freight delivery.

So lanyard was received on 13th,but my friend event is on 12th. when

she received lanyard, it was too late and she don’t need it anymore.

My friend finally lost the business with customer.

So you really need to check with supplier about delivery, and choose

the fast and responsible supplier.


  Every one all want to received product early, so fast delivery is really important for rush

  order, because if you order is urgent, the supplier must have delivery guarantee, if not,

  you  will loss business with you customer. If you order is normal, but received lanyard early

  is better than late.that will help you save time, and time is money.

Tip 4#

You need to make service comparison to choose the best service


  Good services is also important too.

  It depend on whether you will order again or not.

A) Fast Reply and Good Services

For example: if you sent the inquiry on website, and you order is

urgent.but you get the answer after two days . maybe that is too

late. I think you’ll agree with me when I say: It is most IMPORTANT

for fast reply. you not only can get answer quickly, but also will help

you sovle any problem. If you get answer fastest it mean you get

the detail information at once.

B) Keep Contacting

Before payment, supplier need to give the

information about production time and shipping

time, so you will know when you can received the

parcel. When you finish payment,supplier also need

to sent sample picture for you to check and give you

tracking number.


 You need to find a supplier who has good services, because that will make you have a nice   

 online experience. If you want to try, pleased click on If you have any

 question, Please leave a message below, I will try my best to help you.

Here is a video about how to place order online

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