4 steps – How To Customize A Satisfactory ID Card Lanyard In 30Mins [2019]

Have you ever purchased custom ID Card Lanyards?

Are you not satisfied with the design of the lanyard you purchased?

So what are you waiting for?

Learn how to customize a satisfying ID Card Lanyards in 30 minutes.

   I think you’ll agree with me when I say:

   It’s really hard to purchase a satisfactory ID Card Lanyard Online.

   If you know how to customize a lanyard, you can ask the lanyard supplier make the design according to your idea,             instead of placing your logo and text at random…

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Let us go directly to the first step.

#1 Customize Lanyards

Customize Lanyards consists of the following aspects:

· Select the type of lanyard

· Select lanyard color

· Select lanyard fittings

· Enter text & logo

· Select the font & color

· Select the type of lanyard

Well, first of all, you need to know which lanyard you like.

Silk Screen – Classic

The most popular types of lanyards are Silk screen lanyard.


Printed in up to 5 colors, high quality polyester material, and economical price, which help silk screen lanyards grab up to 60% of the lanyard market.


At the same time, the time for screen printing is very fast, and up to 1000 lanyards can be completed in 4 hours. Therefore, for emergency lanyards, silk screen lanyards are the best choice.

Full Color-Smooth

If you want a full-color design and a smooth surface, Full color lanyard must be your best choice.


Full color lanyard is printed by dye-sublimated method, which means if you choose full color lanyard, you can do any design on the lanyard. Rainbow, starry sky, any colorful design is ok.


At the same time, the smooth surface will give you a soft touch. If you like rich colors and soft touch, don’t miss this lanyard.


Comfortable to wear – tubular lanyard, also called shoelace lanyard.


As its name suggests, it is tubular and woven from elastic polyester. Tubular and elastic ensure its comfort. When people wear it, there is no discomfort in direct contact with the neck.


Therefore, if you want to choose the most comfortable lanyard, please do not hesitate to choose a tubular lanyard.


This must be a good choice.

Jacquard- Distinctive

Want to be different, try the high-end jacquard lanyard please.


Jacquard lanyard, also called woven lanyard, which is produced by woven machine directly, including its background and logo.


Don’t like screen printing and dye-sublimated printing, Jacquard can display big text/logo perfectly, and show how different you are.


The difference leads to your difference.


Shining Nylon lanyard, different silky touch, attract others’ attention.


Real Nylon material, pantone matched colors, simple screen printing logo. The nylon lanyard will show you how to bring all the simple elements together to achieve the effect of a high-end lanyard.


When you wear it, it must be the most attractive lanyard. Shining shine is like wearing a necklace. Simple and outstanding.

· Select lanyard color

You might be wondering: Where can I pick a favorite color?

Why not try the Pantone Book


Here are some PANTONE Colors of the Year I want to recommend to you 🙂

· Select lanyard fittings

There are lots of standard fittings for ID lanyards:  The most popular one – Trigger clip; The best looking – J-hook;

Keyring can hang your key; Cell phone loop can be attached to your mobile phone…


What? Don’t you like the same?


It is better to try Carbiner hooks and Lobster hooks, rare lanyard accessories to make you different.

· Enter text & logo

Um… There must be a special meaning.

For reunion; for promotion; for company procurement; or, as a gift, for important person.

Print them on lanyards, and tell others  🙂

· Select the font & color

If it is business, I think black and white are suitable, as well as Arial Bold.

If it’s interesting, it’s up to you to decide what you want to be different.

· Customized online

How about it? Do you want to design a custom lanyard immediately?


Click here to experience the fun of Customizing online.


The following are five steps that are indispensable for customizing a lanyard:

· Select the type of lanyard

· Select lanyard color

· Select lanyard fittings

· Enter text & logo

· Select the font & color

#2 Select ID Card Holder

ID Card Holder is diverse:

· Transparent Soft badge holder;

· Colorful Hard ID set

· Blank and custom Ski reel

· Leather ID set

· Neck Wallet

Different styles correspond to different needs.

Let’s look down.

As the picture shows, if your ID card is the paper one, I recommend you the soft PVC badge holder.

It’s OK to choose credit card size ID holder directly, which is the most popular on the market.

Sure, if you want the bigger one, I strongly recommend you A6 size ID card set. Big, small, horizontal, vertical…

Everything is optional, even customizable.

If your ID card is the plastic one, which usually is credit card size, I surely recommend you the rigid one.

Recommend a niche product – Ski Pass Reel. Ski Pass Reel is the retractable one, which can hang ID card holder or plastic ID card directly.

The leather ID case is niche, so it is also different.

If you want to find a special ID set, it is a good choice.

Of course, usually only credit card sizes, but there are a variety of colors to choose from.

Neck wallet – not only the ID card holder.

As you can see, it can be used not only for documents, but also for mobile phones, keys etc.

This is suitable if you have something to carry.


5 options to install your ID card:

· Transparent Soft badge holder;

· Colorful Hard ID set

· Blank and custom Ski reel

· Leather ID set

· Neck Wallet

#3 ID Lanyard & Use Scene Display

Here, I think you already know how to design a satisfactory ID Card Lanyard.

Next, let’s take a look at some great designs & use scene about ID Card Lanyard.

And hope you can get more inspiration from the next lanyard design.

Customized the exclusive LOGO on the lanyard and selected the rigid card holder.


At the same time, the color of the lanyard and the ID card holder are matched.


The unification of colors makes the entire combination very coordinated.

Silver print, silver J-hook, silver Ski reel.


The combination of silver makes the entire ID Card Lanyard more uniform.


The detachable Ski reel enhances the ease of use of this lanyard.

The blank tubular lanyard with metal crimp is simple and stylish.


Plain Ski reel is directly connected to the lanyard, which is more convenient.


The color of the lanyard and the Ski reel are pantone matched.

Use Scene Display


R&D factory






Choosing the right color and combination will have a different effect.

Also, select the matching color according to the actual usage scene.

(School: Royal Blue; Meeting: Navy Blue; Competition: Dark Green etc.)

#4 Trends & Advice

Here are some trends and advice that can help you more easily buy ID lanyard from the Internet.

#Tip 1 Focus on price

#Tip 2 Focus on what you want

#Tip 3 Focus on the ID card holder

#Tip 4 Focus on the preview

#Tip 5 Focus on the delivery date

#Tip 6 Discover hidden discounts

There is no doubt that online ordering has become the main way for customers to buy custom ID card lanyards.

However, I sincerely want to tell you some tips on it.

#Tip 1 Focus on price

Price is one of the biggest buying factors, and good prices can save you a lot of money, so it’s a good idea to pick a few websites to compare prices.

At the same time, it is important to analyze the price range. You may need $79.98 for 2 pcs custom lanyards, but only $39.9 for 10 pcs custom lanyards.

($39.99×2=$79.98; $3.99*10=39.9)

#Tip 2 Focus on what you want

You should pick those sites: the type, size, color and accessories of the lanyard are comprehensive, so that you can choose what you want directly.

#Tip 3 Focus on the ID card holder

It must provide the ID card holder directly, if not, leave it.

#Tip 4 Focus on the preview

An excellent online customization website must provide an online preview, which allows you to see the lanyard you want directly.

Although the preview can show the type and accessories of the lanyard (some websites can even display the material of the lanyard directly), the ID card holder can’t be displayed on the preview.

#Tip 5 Focus on the delivery date

Different delivery date means different additional fees, please be sure to choose the appropriate delivery according to your actual situation.

Be sure to focus on sites that offer fast delivery.

#Tip 6 Discover hidden discounts

Special reminder: Most online ordering websites will provide corresponding discounts – around 10% off.

Some websites offer this discount directly when you pay; some sites require you to find this discount and use the corresponding discount code.


6 tips to help you find the right supplier to buy ID lanyard in the shortest amount of time.

#Tip 1 Focus on price

#Tip 2 Focus on what you want

#Tip 3 Focus on the ID card holder

#Tip 4 Focus on the preview

#Tip 5 Focus on the delivery date

#Tip 6 Discover hidden discounts

Is it all over? Look down again!

Why not try it from now?

Come on! Please believe that you can customize a great ID Card Lanyard

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