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5/8 inch$ 12.99$13.25$20.50$20.50$20.50$20.50$20.50$ 10.28$ 10.28$ 10.28$ 10.28$ 10.28
3/4 inch$ 10.28$20.50$ 10.28$ 10.28$ 10.28$ 10.28$20.50$20.50$20.50$20.50$20.50$20.50
1 inch$20.50$20.50$30.60$30.60$30.60$30.60$30.60$30.60$30.60$30.60$30.60$30.60

General Information

What is the artwork approval process and how long does it take?

When we receive a custom order with design elements, our art department will layout the design and imprinting elements in an digital art proof and forward the proof to you for review. This is to ensure that we have correctly captured and interpreted the design aspects of your order. Our turnaround time is within 2-3 hours per approval cycle and production will not begin until we have received final approval from you.

Can I get a physical sample before approving my order?

Samples are available upon request. On very large orders or those with unusual details, we recommend that you work closely with us on the specific requirements. Sometimes this will result in the need for a pre-production sample. While a pre-production sample adds to the overall production time we’ll do our best to accommodate your special requirements We can provide you digital proof to make things faster.

What types of file artwork do we accept and WHY?

Vector images. They can be saved as .EPS, .AI or .PDF files. All fonts must be converted to “OUTLINES” and saved as an .ai or .eps file.

Vector files work best because they allow scaling to any size without losing detail. Raster graphics (JPEG, TIFF, GIF) are made from pixels. When resized, pixels are added or removed which result in a loss of detail. Low resolution images will give poor quality results and may delay your order.

Rasterized artwork will lose definition when enlarged. The higher the number of dots per inch (dpi) the better the quality of the raster image. You can decrease the resolution of an image but you can NOT increase resolution. For best results, supply artwork at 300 dpi at full size.

NOTE: Logos from websites do not print well and are not acceptable.

Files may be submitted in one of the following methods:

  • Upload the artwork on the website
  • Via email as an attachment

How can I make a change to my order after it’s been submitted?

Our efficient scheduling and manufacturing methods usually mean that production begins immediately after artwork approval. However, if production of your order hasn’t yet begun we may be able to make changes without charging a fee. For custom lanyards, you will have an opportunity to update your requirements before the artwork approval process is finalized. Please be sure to contact us as soon as possible should a change occur.

What if I need to cancel my order?

Customized products cannot be resold therefore cancellations may be subject to a charge to compensate for any costs incurred prior to cancellation, such as: artwork redesign, setup fees, printing plates, etc. Please be sure to contact us at as soon as possible should a change occur. Non-customized products may be cancelled subject to a 20% restocking fee.

What are the standard length and the maximum imprinting area?

Lanyards are cut to a standard length of 36 inches when measured end-to-end before any finishing work is done. If you need a special length please contact us to discuss your requirements.

The following are the available widths and associated imprinting areas.

Silk-screen continuous print

5/8″ (15mm) 33 ½” x 7/16″ (850 x 11mm)

3/4″ (20mm) 33 ½” x 9/16″ (850 x 16mm)

1″ (25mm) 33 ½” x 11/16″ (850 x 20mm)

How long does it take to get an order of stock color lanyards or custom color?

We can finish all polyester, tube, and imprinted lanyards in 5-6 business days or less.
Woven,nylon lanyards usually need 10-12 business days or less.
The custom lanyard will increase by 1 – 2 business days for dyeing material.

e woven lanyards good for complex logos?

No, woven lanyards use an embroidered process and do not translate complex logos well. To include logos on lanyards, we recommend the imprinted polyester style lanyards.

What’s the difference between a safety breakaway and a buckle?

Without seeing these two attachments in person, it’s easy to mix them up. The safety breakaway is generally located in the back of the neck when wearing a lanyard and is designed to come loose when a lanyard is snagged or pulled on with force. It prevents the wearer from being choked or strangled. The buckle sits on the opposite side of the lanyard at the base, just above the lanyard attachment. It does not come loose with a tug but rather requires both of its sides to be pinched in order to release the attachment from the rest of the lanyard. It is useful for removing keys or an ID from a lanyard without having to take the lanyard off.

What packaging options are available?

Lanyards are carefully bundled in polyester bags of 10 pieces. We can accommodate other quantities or special packing requests.

What are my shipping options?

We Use air freight and express methods to ship our goods.

How long do you keep our mold and artwork on hand?

We keep your lanyard’s mold and artwork on file for a period of 2 years.

What’s your policy on merchandise returns?

We do our best to ensure that what you order is what you receive. Unfortunately we cannot accept returns of custom-printed products unless there is a manufacturing error so we encourage you to carefully review artwork proofs before accepting responsibility.

Is all your product information accurate?

We make every effort to ensure that all information in the catalogue and on this web site is correct at the time of publication. Occasionally, however, a typographical error may occur. If there is a discrepancy we will notify you of the current price before your order is shipped.

We try to portray our merchandise as accurately as possible, however colors may vary slightly due to the printing process.

Step 1Select Lanyards Style

  • Most Popular
    Dye Sublimation
    Dye Sublimation

  • Most Classic
    Flat Polyester
    Flat Polyester

  • Comfortable

  • Traditional

  • Most Shiny

  • Lots of Colors
    Blank Polyester
    Blank Polyester

  • Economy
    Blank Tubular
    Blank Tubular

  • Blank Lanyard
    Blank Nylon
    Blank Nylon

Step 2Select Lanyards Size
Minimum Qty is 1Total Qty: 0 Price: $0.00

5/8 inch = 15mm1 inch = 25 mm3/4 inch = 20mm

Step 3Select Lanyards Color & Quantity
Minimum Qty is 1Total Qty: 0 Price: $0.00

  • Athletic Gold

    Athletic Gold

  • Black


  • Brown


  • Burgundy


  • Dark Green

    Dark Green

  • Grey


  • Hot Pink

    Hot Pink

  • Lavender


  • Light Blue

    Light Blue

  • Light Green

    Light Green

  • Navy Blue

    Navy Blue

  • Orange


  • Pink


  • Purple


  • Red


  • Red Orange

    Red Orange

  • Royal Blue

    Royal Blue

  • Teal


  • Violet


  • White


  • Yellow


Step 4CHOOSE Lanyards attachment
Minimum Qty is 1Total Qty: 0 Price: $0.00

  • Thumb Trigger

  • Silver J-Hook

  • Bulldog Clip

  • Metal Key Ring

  • Plastic Clip

  • Cellphone Loop

  • Carabiner Hook
    $ 0.15

  • Lobster Hook
    $ 0.3

  • Metal Oval Hook
    $ 0.15

  • Plastic Oval Hook
    $ 0.15

  • Black metal clip
    $ 0.15

  • Badge Reel
    $ 0.8

Minimum Qty is 1Total Qty: 0 Price: $0.00

  • No Upgrades

  • Safety Breakaway
    $ 0.15

  • Plastic Buckle
    $ 0.15

  • Metal Crimp
    $ 0.15

  • Metal Buckle
    $ 1

  • Individual Bagging
    $ 0.08

Minimum Qty is 1Total Qty: 0 Price: $0.00

  • No Upgrades

  • 3.4×2.2 inch
    $ 0.21

  • 4.05x2.76 inch
    $ 0.22

  • 3.46x5.43 inch
    $ 0.23

  • 4.13x5.82 inch
    $ 0.40

  • 3.34x2.12 inch
    $ 0.40

Clear selection

Step 7 customize your lanyard imprint
Minimum Qty is 1 Total Qty: 0 Price: $0.00

Arial bold

Upload Logo File (Optional) File Accepted: JPEG, JPG, GIF, PNG, EPS, PDF, PSD, AI, BMP, TIF, TIFF
Please upload clear logo or vector file so that we can print lanyards much better.

Note: Before production we will send a artificial artwork for approval. Don't forget to check your inbox and spam. Thanks.

This is just a sample preview. Art Team will send a final proof before production starts. Making artwork takes a bit time but no more than 12 hours. If any special requirements, please mention in comment section. Thanks.

Step 8 Select delivery date

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