When you are too fat, it is called obesity. Obesity or being over-weight may cause many health problems like high blood pressure, diabetes, heart attack and cancer etc. In this case, weight loss is the next big thing.

Do you know what weight loss means?

According to Wikipedia, weight loss means two aspects related to your health. So, there are two types of weight loss:

1. Unintentional weight loss.

Reduction of total body mass due to loss of fluid, body fat or adipose tissue or lean mass. This may be due to underlying illnesses or malnourishment.

2. Intentional weight loss.

This is the big thing. To improve fitness and stay healthy or to look beautiful/handsome, we need to lose unnecessary weight.  This type of weight loss is the main treatment for Obesity.This is also prescribed for people with diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and joint problem.

Do you like to know easy steps for faster weight loss?

It is not fun to follow an exercise routine, look at charts and wait for results. Of course, exercises are good for our everyday life.  But doing exercises alone for the purpose of weight loss, is not practicable and the results will take longer.

Here are some steps that we can add to our weight loss plan. These simple changes to our eating habits will get us results as fast as possible:

1. Reduce Your Usual Meals by 50%

Using a calorie calculator and referring charts is really boring. Just cut most of your meals by half. Very often our meal items are too big, aren’t they? By cutting these in half, we eat less and lose weight quickly.

Reduce Your Usual Meals

Give much needed respect and importance to vegetables and fruits. Increase the intake of vegetables and fruits, but decrease by half the starches like rice, white bread, potatoes, biscuits etc.

But it’s not necessary to cut down on no-calorie drinks like pure water, black coffee, black tea or green tea. You can use them as usual.

2. Do I have to get rid of smoothies?

When we hear the word “smoothies”, our mouths start watering. Don’t you feel the same? You surely are a fan of smoothies, like me.

You want a mid-day snack or a good meal substitute? Yes. A low-calorie vegetable or fruit smoothie is there for you.

Many dieters have smoothies in their weight loss plan. Smoothies can help you lose weight. But if you don’t use juice in your smoothie, you can lose weight faster.

Unlike the whole fruits with your diet, juice doesn’t provide a lot of benefits. What is better is the whole fruit. You can get flavor, texture and important nutrients when you add whole fruits.

Remember! Fiber in whole fruits makes you eat less. And this will ultimately help you slim down.

Fiber for Weight Loss

3. Do you think exercises are not necessary?

The best weight loss plan will always include exercises. Following are some important workouts to pay attention to:

  • Cardio workouts to burn fat
  • Stretching exercises for flexibility
  • Strength exercises to shape unnecessarily tight body

I know time is very precious and you don’t like to waste it. When you are in the gym, skip the weight training machines and the cardio equipment. Go to the gym floor and do full body weight exercises.

Without wasting time moving from machine to machine, you can engage in few extra exercises and burn fat in less time. You can do body weight exercises even at home. So, you don’t have to skip your workouts even though you can’t go to the gym.

Weight loss exercise

4. Have you ever thought of the importance of pure water?

Drinking plenty of water can help with weight loss.  It is better to drink before meals. When you drink water, your metabolism is boosted by 24-30% over a period of 1 1/2 hours. This will help you burn off few more calories.

Let’s look at a comparison now:

Mary drinks a half liter (17 ounces) of water about 30 minutes before her meals. But her neighbor, Jane doesn’t like it and doesn’t take it seriously. Of course, Jane followed her exercise routine well. 

To Jane’s surprise, Mary lost 44% more weight, compared to Jane. What happened? Mary’s drinking water before meals made her eat fewer calories!”

Importance of pure water for weight loss

5. Wow! Super exercise for weight loss.

Ok. I know you don’t have time even to do simple exercises at home. This may be because you are a full-time employee.

Just say “No” to the elevator and use the steps to reach your office. Leave home little early and get off the bus one halt before your usual stop. This way you can burn off few more calories without going to gym. When you hike up the stairs, you will burn almost 10 calories per minute.

You don’t need to do this every day. Just climb a few flights of stars during your normal daily activities. Skip the elevator at work from time to time. Avoid the escalator in the super market. Your total number of burnt calories might reach a hundred or more throughout the day.


6. Can alcohol help me with weight loss?

I know you can’t give up on alcohol completely. But I suggest you booze it for a few weeks. And you’ll see a positive difference in your weight. If you go sober, you’ll see many weight loss benefits.

If you drink water instead of wine during happy and festive times, you can decrease your calorie intake. A glass of wine may contain around 125 calories. And a cocktail will give you 150 or more calories.

Another plus point of avoiding alcohol is that you will not go for more of high fat and high calorie foods. What’s more! You won’t get your morning headache. And so, you will be more fit enough to do exercises at home and will feel better.

7. What about intermittent fasting?

Intermittent fasting is a eating pattern popular with diabetes or cardiovascular patients. This is a cycle used by them between periods of fasting and eating.

If you can follow at least some of these steps, you can easily benefit from your weight loss plan. And thus, stay healthy and wealthy!