Custom retractable badge reels in USA are an essential tool for anyone who is always on the go. Especially for employees who need to have something to hold their badge or identification cards. If you are looking for the most reliable supplier of custom badge reels in USA, you have come to the right place. 

We have searched to gather the top 6 websites that will surefire give you everything you wanted in your custom retractable badge reels in USA. Take time to read below!

1. 4inLanyards

Custom Retractable Badge Reels in USA - 4inLanyards

Over four decades of manufacturing lanyards, 4inlanyards is one of the best suppliers you can turn to for custom badge reels. They also sell custom badge reels alongside lanyards, PVC ID badges, lanyard attachments, and badge holders. They manufacture custom retractable badge reels in USA not only for personal use but also for promotional purposes. 

● Round Badge Reel with Sliding Belt Clip and PVC Strap
● Retractable ID Badge Reels that are handy, convenient, and well-made
● Carabiner Badge Reel ideal for holding Bottle Openers and Keys
● Metal Badge Reel with custom Epoxy design

You are confident that you will deal with a professional team that will give you the utmost quality ordering experience. They offer the lowest price guarantee on their items. 4inlanyards’ goal is to become the global leader in the promotional product industry, not just badge reels & lanyards, but also custom keychains & custom luggage straps & folding fans!

4inlanyards also offers a 24-hour rush order that you can receive in just 5 workdays. What are you waiting for? Check on the efficiency of their services and retractable badge reels in USA! Go to their website now!

2. IDWholesaler

Custom Retractable Badge Reels in USA - Idwholesaler

Launched in 2004 to provide photo identification products made by experts, idwholesaler value gives an easy-to-use website with unmatched product options and pricing. And thirteen years after, with over one hundred thousand clients, they are now considered one of the largest retailers of photo identification equipment.

● Easy to slide custom round badge reels
● Round carabiner badge reels with easy-to-use belt loop clips
● Translucent round badge reels in 1.25″ standard size with epoxy sticker
● Black square badge reels feature a spring clip on the backside of the reel for easy attachment
● 704-CB-BLK black no-twist carabiner badge reels with clear vinyl strap
● Square, retractable badge reels feature patented twist-free technology
● Extra strong Premium Badge Reel Clips

Unlike other suppliers, idwholesaler has a large inventory of its products. They also employ factory-trained technicians. Idwholesaler is proud that they create their product in their factories.

Be their partner as they provide the best solutions and support for photo identification and custom retractable badge reels in USA. Contact them through their website!


Custom Retractable Badge Reels in USA - LanyardsUSA

LANYARDSUSA was founded in 2008. They remained the one-stop-shop for everything related to lanyards over the years. The company focuses on the satisfaction of its customers regarding its products and services. lanyardusa is committed to growing their craft continuedly as they welcome new ideas and feedback to improve their organization.

● Metal Retractable Badge holders extended for up to 1 meter.
● Standard retractable ID pullers in glossy finish
● Dome badge pullers in round pin button plastic belt as well as metal grip
● Chrome pullers or retractable badge holders in classy metallic touch and round pin button fastening belt make a fantastic combination of looks and usability.
● Retractable badge pullers are incredibly convenient for security and badge carrying.

One of their goals is to provide products that easily fit the customer’s budget. They assure never to have had any boring and plain promotional products served. To confirm this, the company employs only top-notch print and press designers, 3D modeling specialists, and marketing experts.

Lanyardusa also gives a rush promotional item that they promise to deliver within 5 to 6 days. Need to rush your orders? This is the right venue for you. Check their website a.s.a.p!

4. 4imprint

Custom Retractable Badge Reels in USA - 4imprint

4imprint knows that time is money. That is why they are certainly not to waste any of it. They guarantee that their clients are covered from every angle, from ordering, processing, delivery, and value. They give out free samples and complimentary art assistance to their clients.

● The retractable badge reel features an integrated carabiner-style clip
● The heart-shaped retractable badge holder is made with a plastic body and a stainless-steel interior
● No set-up charges Retractable Badge Holder – Rectangle – Chrome Finish
● Metal square retractable badge holder features your logo in full color

Awarded as one of the best places to work for advertising and marketing in 2016, 4imprint continues to be remarkable in everything they provide.

The company has grown from its 1987 catalog selling style to a now updated high-tech website where clients can click to order. With this expansive development, dare to try what they offer from experience through the years. Click on their website now!


Custom Retractable Badge Reels in USA - Specialistid

Specialist ID is a family-owned company. It was incorporated in 2001, focusing primarily on satisfying its customer’s needs and their businesses. They take every order urgently and of high value, no matter how small or big it is. Specialist ID has a comprehensive option of products and services with no minimum order quantity. 

● Top of the line standard retractable badge reel
● Premier carabiner badge reel oval shape plastic with a metal lining that shields it from cracking
● Black Chrome Heavy-Duty Badge Reel with Belt Clip
● Popular promotional products such as event badges & festival wristbands

Specialist ID offers international and local shipping in a fast and inexpensive manner. Want to try them and get the best custom retractable badge reels in USA? Drop by their web store immediately!

6. Snugzusa

Custom Retractable Badge Reels in USA - Snugzusa

After more than three decades of setting a benchmark in their craft, SnugZ USA continues to be committed to providing exceptional customer service and high-quality products. Their website has sales tools that include a digital catalog, lookbook, videos, flyers, stock patterns, and many more. This is available for their customers to have an easy and reliable order process. 

● Retractable Badge Reel with Vinyl Snap and 360-degree swiveling Bulldog Clip
● Plastic/metal retractable badge reel with carabiner features a full-color dome imprint.
● A handy giveaway metal retractable badge reel with vinyl snap and belt clip
● The retractable Badge Reel pull cord is approximately 30″ long.

They have a wide range of product collections ranging from accessories, candles, personalized gift collections, and more. Ready to plunge into their variety of products and get the best of their retractable badge reel? Please take a look at their catalogs now!


That’s it! You have the top 6 websites you can contact for your custom retractable badge reel in USA. Visit their website now and get yourself the best deals!

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