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Our custom ID Badge Reels are handy and well-made that are solid to have multi-uses for credentials, IDs, badges, key chains, and name tags. Go for a new idea of clipping your ID with your belt loops or purse’s zip instead of wearing around the neck in sweat season. Their well-made plastic and metal material make them easy to carry with the privilege of encapsulating air contamination and dust. Its sturdy material absorbs much of the strain and prevents it from breaking, unlike other infirm badge reels. Our designer badge reels can be a good source of publicizing your brand or company by incorporating the organization’s LOGO on it in intricate designs. We stamp them ensuring its durability with best-ever printing technology.

How Do Retractable Badge Holders Work?

What is a retractable badge reel?

A badge reel is a rounded shape casing that houses a retractable cord. The standard badge reel has a diameter of 1.25 inches with a cord that is at least 20 inches long. This device holds Identification cards, keys, and other smaller items. It has a belt clip on its back, use to attach the device to a belt or any part of clothing. Nowadays, together with their basic composition, custom badge reels are in high demand.

How do retractable badge reel works?

People usually utilize retractable badge reels to hold identification cards. With this, they can easily pull out their IDs to a distance whenever there is a need to swipe or show it for security purposes. The belt clip attached at the back of the badge, clipped to a belt or any part of clothing, keeps the IDs close to the owner’s body every time. The retractable cord that is attached to a spring mechanism inside the badge reel casing allows the cord to retract whenever pulled. Thus, making it easy to pull out to swipe and let go to retract back to its place.

Today, the demand for badge reels escalated due to its promising advantages. Aside from holding essential belongings, it can now help promote businesses and organizations as well. This opportunity is made possible by customizing this helpful device to the unique requirement of clients within the market. With its many options for use and convenience, only your imagination is the limit when it comes to customized badge reel potentialities.

There are five primary parts of a retractable badge reel.

How to pick the right custom retractable badge reel?

Step 1. The first step is to know the purpose of your badge reel. For example, if you will be using it as a custom ID badge reel holder in a company where there is a need to display your IDs all the time, you need a “no twist” badge reel. This badge reel-type keeps cards always facing front. It does not allow the card to flip over. It rotates back directly 360 degrees.

Step 2. Know-how will you need to attach your badge reel. Some companies or organizations allow their employees to wear their IDs any way they want. If you would like to pin your IDs in different places of your body or clothing like the collar, pocket, or belt, a swivel base badge reel is perfect for you. This base allows the custom retractable ID badge holder to swivel 360 degrees, making it possible for the user to turn it in or around whenever the need.

Step 3. Identify the type of environment. If you are, for example, working in a factory or any industrial environment, you will need a heavy-duty retractable badge reel. It is made with stronger cords and metal cover that can withstand a demanding work environment.

Step 4. Pick the right shape. Standard shapes of retractable badge reels are rounded. But if you wanted something unusual and unique, you can choose a square shape or heart-shaped casing. Luckily, there are online stores like the 4inLanyards who provide custom shape service option for badge reel. Talk to them for your badge reel shape concerns and get what you wanted.

Step 5. Choose the perfect color, custom logo or pattern. Most clients prefer to pair their badge colors to their logo colors. But for a change, you can choose translucent or more exceptional colors to stand out from the rest.

Step 6. Finally, choose attachments. It is also important to decide ahead what type of attachments you want your badge reel to have. This step will define what type of items you can use for your badge reel to hold.

Where to Buy Custom Retractable Badge Reels?

4InLanyards is a leading professional producer of high-quality lanyards and attachments in the online market. Our mission is to provide beautifully weaved, standard quality products with dedication and a better customer experience. It is our goal as a manufacturer to become the leading global producer of quality promotional products.

At 4InLanyards, we offer ample options of badge reels according to our customer's preferences. We have the best deals when it comes to layouts and types of badges. We also do offer customizable badge reels and many others. We have our team of experts, always ready to assist our clients in whatever design needs they require.

Why Choose 4InLanyards Custom Retractable Badge Reels?

Types of Badge Reels Available at 4InLanyards

• Heavy Duty Retractable Badge Reels

This type is another solid but lightweight type of badge reel from us, 4Inanyards. But this is perfect for heavy-duty purposes. This kind of badge reel is made in plastic material with an inside diameter of 20mm and an outside diameter of 32mm. Colors available in white, black, and red, but you can request other colors. It has a round badge shape and 27 inches long retractable cord.

• Metal Retractable Badge Reels

This badge reel type is made from a metal material. Though these are solid badge reels, we guarantee that we have maintained their lightweight and easy to carry around features. In the same size and dimension as the standard retractable badge reel type, this custom metal badge reel is in color silver with a cord length of 28 inches. It has a round badge reel shape.

• Carabiner Retractable Badge Reels

This badge reel type has increased durability and longevity. This upgrade is due to a reinforced metal clip and cord. We must say that this is another way of clipping your IDs in your belt loops and purse zippers. This type of badge reel is made from metal and plastic material that is another good custom gift idea for your employees. This badge reel has a silk print feature and an elliptical badge reel shape. Its retractable cord length is 27 inches with a total weight of 22g.

• Premium Retractable Badge Reels

This two-type material badge reel is handy. It has an outer diameter of 33mm and an inner diameter of 27mm. This half metal and half plastic badge reel have a strap clip and PVC belt attachment. Its reel type is V-shaped with a 27 inches cord length.

We at 4InLanyards commits to innovation and the continued development of eco-friendly products. While we exert efforts to protect the earth, we continued to pursue our dream to reduce wasting our resources. We all work together with our employees to better our products and transactions. We must say that our achievement accounts for our hardworking employees. That is why we value and protect them at any cost.

4InLanyards does not only offer lanyards and custom badge reels but also card holders and ID cards. Visit our website for more details of our products. Talk to us, and let us make that retractable badge reel design

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