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Custom Rosette Ribbons

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Order custom rosette ribbons bulk to reward participants and winners, with wholesale prices starting at $1.18 each.

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What kind of custom award ribbons do we offer

"Where can I buy custom award ribbons near me?" - Right here! 4inLanyards® wholesale award ribbons online, and it's very easy for you to order custom rosette ribbons no minimum!!

  • Custom Printed Award Ribbons

    Custom printed award ribbons not only make the winners feel proud of their achievements but also are the best incentive method to thank hard work and dedication. In addition to being used to recognize the winners of competitions, they can also be used to reward your employees, athletes, and outstanding students. When they appear wearing custom ribbons awards, everyone who sees them will know that they are appreciated, which will give them great satisfaction and a sense of accomplishment. Start customizing your great two streamer rosettes now to memory the glorious moments of you and others in a meaningful, quick, and easy way!

  • Custom Multi-colored Award Ribbons

    Our custom multi-colored award ribbons are like gorgeous fireworks, blooming in the sky of honor. Each custom printed ribbon award is a flowing picture, capturing and amplifying every glorious moment of achievement with its vivid colors and exquisite patterns. Each color tells a unique victory story, and each luster remembers an extraordinary moment of glory. When you choose our custom award ribbons, you will have your own starry sky, each star represents an outstanding performance. With custom rosette ribbons, you can engrave your name, date, or special message on it, just like naming the stars in the universe, making this honor forever unique.

  • Custom Insert Rosette Ribbons

    Place your brand or exclusive message on custom insert rosette ribbons to recognize your team's success! Our custom rosette ribbons with button insert are very practical and easy to use. The front side has a printing area of approximately 2.3 inches, supporting CMYK full-color printing to meet your unique creativity. On the back is a removable safety pin so you can easily place it on your chest. As we know, although this is not a very expensive prize, it is a symbol of honor. I'm sure everyone on your team will have fun wearing this exclusive custom prize rosette ribbon. Don't hesitate, order your own custom ribbon awards now!

3 Elements of a Custom Rosette Ribbon

Learn about the main materials and processes of custom rosette award ribbons

Full-Color Button Insert

Custom ribbon award includes the customizable button insert, which will allow you to customize the brand and colorful logo on it via CMYK printing. It is a perfect way to make your awards more personalized.

Multi-colored Satin Fabric

There are up to 10 colors of satin fabrics for you to choose from. Custom rosette ribbons will show a sense of honor at the award or ceremony, and make you more exquisite when you wear it.

Durable Pin Backing

Thanks to the pin backing, your custom ribbon award can be easily worn around your chest. Please rest assured that this is not only durable but also very safe for everyone to wear.

Custom Rosette Ribbons are Used Everywhere

  • Promotional Rosette Ribbons

    In the marketing campaign, promotional rosette ribbons truly excel as promotional items! Such low-cost ribbons amplify the visual appeal of a brand's identity through unique color schemes and striking logos. Particularly during lavish banquets or large meetings, these custom rosette ribbons can make your team stand out prominently, instilling a robust sense of unity among team members. Their vivid tones are bound to draw extra attention, rendering the brand more memorable and thereby expanding the likelihood of drawing in prospective business ventures! Also, consider purchasing our custom cloth wristbands to maximize the impact of your brand promotion!

  • Custom Award Ribbons for Sports

    Custom award ribbons for sports are the ultimate symbol of sports victory. Each custom printed rosette ribbon is an ode to athlete excellence. Our customization service allows you to create a personalized logo for each honoree, from the team crest to the inspiring motto, every detail reflects the unique spirit of the team and the extraordinary journey of the individual. These printed ribbon awards are not only medals, but also recognition of athletes’ unremitting efforts and persistence. Every champion deserves a unique insert rosette ribbon that shines with glory. Choose our service to make custom award ribbons the most eye-catching highlight of your sports event, and let this honor be engraved in everyone's heart forever.

  • Branded Award Ribbons for Fundraising

    Branded award ribbons are very common in fundraising events, and like custom slap bracelets and event badges, they are a great tool to identify the members of each fundraising support group or organization. For example, when you and your team members show up at the venue wearing rosette ribbons custom with rainbow spectrum, everyone will know that you represent autism supporters. At the same time, add your brand name or slogan to these customized award ribbons for recognition, it will also leave a deep impression on people attending the fundraiser. This is undoubtedly one of the most effective ways to establish a brand image and increase brand influence visibly! We support customized award ribbons in bulk according to your needs to help you achieve the perfect fundraising event.

  • Custom Award Ribbons 1st 2nd 3rd

    Order custom award ribbons 1st 2nd 3rd to encourage the top 3 winners in the competition. They stood out from the crowd and now deserve to be recognized for their excellence. And custom rosette award ribbons, medals, and trophies are the best proof of identity! Why do I recommend custom rosettes? It depends on the size of your event and your budget. If you are the organizer of a large competition, I certainly recommend ordering trophies and medals, although they are more expensive, but I believe you have enough budget. But if you are just the organizer of a small competition or activity, taking into account budget factors, affordable custom ribbons awards will be one of the best solutions. The savings can help you order more meaningful prizes for the winners, such as custom folding fans and custom luggage straps!

How it Works

Order cheap custom award ribbons with logo bulk at 4inLanyards in just 3 steps

  • Step 1. Order Online

    Use only 38s, select your qty, and color, and upload the logo for your custom rosette ribbons.

  • Step 2. Artwork Confirmation

    Our sales team will send you the proof of custom ribbon awards within 12hrs. Please keep an eye on your email.

  • Step 3. Deliver to You

    Your rosette ribbons custom with logo will be sent out by Express and delivered on time. We’ll never let you down.

Take Works from Our Customers

  • "Great experience all around- quick turnaround and the custom rosette ribbons look great. I only contacted customer service to verify a part of the order and Megan put me at ease! Very much recommend! "

    Robin C. Program Manager, JHS
  • "The ordering process is so easy. I love that they send you a digital proof to approve, and the personalized rosette ribbons are very high quality for the price. My customers love these! Would order again!”

    Melissa H. Owner, PRPC

Custom Rosette Award Ribbons
at 4inLanyards ®!

4inlanyards® wholesale full-color printed award ribbons to make your event more personalized! Get your custom insert rosette ribbons today!

Frequently Asked Questions about
Custom Award Ribbon

  • What is the meaning of ribbon rosette?

    A rosette is an award made from ribbon, symbolizing accomplishment. Such custom-insert rosette ribbons typically feature a pin, brooch, or bridle clip for attachment, enabling the award to be displayed on garments, animals, walls, or various other surfaces.

  • Is a ribbon the same as a medal?

    Awards can take the form of either ribbons or medals. A medal often consists of a ribbon with the actual medal hanging from it. Medals are generally reserved for significant events (funerals, Change of Command ceremonies, etc.). While ribbons might refer to just a section of a medal's ribbon without the medal itself attached, or it could simply mean a custom award ribbon alone.

  • Why do people wear rosettes?

    People wear custom rosette ribbons to demonstrate recognition or support for a particular cause, organization, or event. They are often showcased on lapels, hats, or clothing as an emblem of achievement or affiliation.

  • What kind of ribbon is used to make rosettes?

    A basic custom rosette ribbon is made from satin fabric which is shaped into a circle and secured with a button insert. Rosettes which are fashioned to resemble a rose can be stacked into layers of different sizes called tiers.

  • How do you clean award ribbons?

    We recommend hand-washing your personalized award ribbons in cold water with a gentle detergent or using a cloth to dip into the mixture and blot the stain. Just be sure to avoid bleach and fabric softeners as they can damage the fibers. Next, gently squeeze out any excess water and lay the ribbon flat to dry.

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