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Custom Luggage Straps

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We make it easy to order custom luggage straps in bulk, Wholesale Price as low as $6.99 per piece!

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What kind of custom luggage straps do we offer

4inLanyards® makes luggage straps personalized easily. You can feel free to buy custom luggage straps no minimum order quantity directly on our website. Free design and Free shipping!

  • Luggage ID Straps

    So many same style suitcases! Whether from Amazon or Walmart, they make everything consistent. Obviously, it greatly increases the risk of misidentifying your suitcase. Is there any economical solution to this bottleneck? Personalized luggage ID straps! The unique luggage belt makes your suitcase stand out at the airport. PU Holder and ID card are provided and your exclusive ID info allows your suitcase to be recognized immediately!

  • Adjustable Luggage Straps

    Worried about having multiple sizes of suitcases or bags at home? Try customized adjustable luggage straps! Our luggage tag straps feature a black adjustable slider that allows for an adjustable size from 43" to 78". This fits almost all sizes of luggage on the market. So, you no longer have to worry about ordering different lengths of straps for different suitcases. One fits all! Still waiting? Personalize your adjustable luggage straps today!

  • Luggage Safety Belt

    Always can't find your suitcase during travel? Or the suitcase was opened during transit? I think you need a luggage safety belt. Our luggage belts are made of thick polyester and strong buckle, which greatly improves the durability and safety of the luggage strap. And this undoubtedly makes you more at ease. Of course, the personalized design of luggage security strap allows you to find the one that belongs to you at a glance among many suitcases!

4 Parts of a Personalized Luggage Strap

Know what parts make up a customized luggage strap

Sublimation Belt

Durable thickened polyester straps with sublimation printing to make your DIY luggage strap design colorful and unique, which will absolutely show your branding design very well!

Security Buckle

The safety buckle is strong enough, which will not be damaged during violent transportation, so as to ensure that your personalised luggage belt will not fall off during the journey.

Adjustable Slider

Adjustable buckles ensure the luggage belt fit any size suitcase, whether 18", 22" or 30". It is very easy to adjust the length of personalized luggage straps from 43 inches to 78 inches.

PU Badge Holde

A card with your info can be placed in the PU badge holder. When your suitcase is lost, anyone who sees the card information on your customised luggage strap can contact you in time.

Personalized Luggage Straps are Used Everywhere

  • Custom Travel Luggage Strap

    Whether traveling or on a business trip, we always carry a suitcase with us. Misidentifying the suitcase is becoming more and more common, and adding personalized accessories to suitcase is a good idea to solve this problem. Custom travel luggage strap is a great option. First of all, it's economical enough - less than $10 each. Second, it's durable, unlike fragile luggage tag, it is made up of thick polyester & safety buckle. Finally, sublimation luggage strap can embody intricate designs so you'll recognize it instantly!

  • Branded Luggage Straps

    BOOM! You've found a super popular brand product. A simple search reveals that almost all branded luggage belts are priced at $50 or more without free shipping. And the point is, as a wholesaler of custom luggage straps, we offer bulk order prices between only $7-$10 with free shipping and tax! What does this mean? It’s 4-6 times product profit! what are you waiting for? Try to order small quantities for your brand to sell on your website or store, and welcome to contact us to establish long-term cooperation!

  • Promotional Luggage Belt Strap

    Still choosing custom lanyards or pull reels for promotion? This time, order promotional luggage belts! When most companies try to choose the cheap promotional products, doing the opposite will definitely make your company stand out. After all, a $1 custom lanyard or badge reel may only last a few months, but a $10 custom luggage strap will last for years. The repeated logo printed on the personalised luggage belt constantly reminds your clients who you are, which will greatly increase the possibility of future cooperation!

  • Custom Luggage Belt for Group

    How did you improve the cohesion of your team? Order custom uniforms and ID cards? Correct but not brilliant. That's what everyone does! Now, you need uniqueness! Let's talk about custom luggage straps. We organize group trips or business trips every year, enough? Please don't overlook that this is a good time to reflect the professionalism and cohesion of the team. How consistent it is to have the same customized luggage straps attached to all suitcases, it gives every team member a sense of pride and belonging!

How it Works

Create personalised luggage straps online with our super easy ordering system

  • Step 1. Order Online

    Use only 38s, select your qty, color and upload the logo file for your own custom luggage strap.

  • Step 2. Artwork Confirmation

    Our sales team will send you the digital mockup within 12h. Please keep an eye on your email.

  • Step 3. Deliver to You

    Your colorful luggage straps will be sent out and delivered on time. We’ll never let you down.

Take Works from Our Customers

  • Great personalized luggage belts for the price. So easy to submit the customized order. And shipping was very fast and efficient. Always a great experience! Highly Recommend!”

    Max T. President, MégaVoyages Inc
  • “We absolutely love the custom printed luggage straps. They are great quality, and all of our members loved them. Will definitely be returning and revisiting other items! Thank You!”

    Christine T. Co-founder, Creative Marx

Cheap Custom Luggage Straps
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4inlanyards® wholesale luggage straps and make it easy to buy personalized luggage straps for suitcases online.

Frequently Asked Questions about
Customized Luggage Straps

  • How long are luggage straps?

    80" is the original length of the luggage belt. And thanks to the adjustable slider, its actual length can be adjusted from 43" to 78" to match small & large suitcase.

  • Why do people put straps around their luggage?

    Luggage straps are mainly used to keep the suitcase closed. Of course, the personalized luggage belt is also helpful for everyone to quickly identify their suitcases.

  • Are luggage straps a good idea?

    Yes! Custom luggage straps not only keep your suitcase closed while traveling, but also have a branding and promotional effect. Contact us if you want to buy luggage straps near me!

  • Are luggage straps worth it?

    It depends. Usually, the price of personalized luggage belt is 7-10 dollars. If you often travel, go on business trips, or hold brand promotions, it must be very worthwhile; otherwise, personalized wrist lanyards and key chains will be more versatile in daily life!

  • How can I personalize my own luggage strap?

    If you have your own design team, please provide a 2x80” vector design, we can print on demand luggage straps according to your design file; Or you can choose the color of the luggage belt and upload your logo when placing your order, our design team will make corresponding mock-ups for you for free to meet your personalized needs!

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