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Custom Cloth Wristbands

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Super easy to order custom cloth wristbands in bulk online, Wholesale Price as low as $0.29 per item!

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What kind of custom fabric wristbands do we offer

As a leading custom wristband maker, 4inLanyards® wholesale custom cloth wristbands for events online at an affordable price. Both woven cloth bracelets and printed festival wristbands start at just $0.29 each.

  • Custom Fabric Bracelets

    Custom fabric bracelets are very popular in the market. As a traditional promotional product, it is known for its cheap price. If you are holding an event and the budget is limited, I don't recommend you to order products like custom acrylic keychains, custom bandanas, etc. Fabric event wristbands that cost only 1/4 of the price can help you achieve similar effects! Contact us now to get an exclusive free design service for your event wristbands!

  • Woven Cloth Wristbands

    Custom woven wristbands are known for their durability. Unlike paper wristbands and plastic wristbands, woven cloth wristbands can often be used for 1 year or more. It won't fade and be damaged even after multiple washes. Therefore, it will be an excellent souvenir after the event if you choose the reusable closure for it. And it can reflect your brand very well and is a great promotional product!

  • Custom Printed Wristbands

    A good event needs a great design, and a great design needs a vehicle for presentation. Custom printed wristbands are excellent products to embody colorful designs. Digital printing makes it possible to print any design on the cloth wristband. We are committed to providing our customers with custom wristbands fast delivery at a very cheap price! If your event is imminent, contact us to get your printed logo wristbands for events!

  • Branded Jacquard Wristbands

    If you are looking for an affordable brand promotion vehicle, I recommend custom jacquard wristbands to you. Not only it can reflect your brand easily, but it is low enough budget. Maybe you have prepared branded notebooks and luggage straps, why not order some branded jacquard wristbands? This will hardly increase your burden, but it can increase more business opportunities for you and enhance the exposure of your brand!

4 Components of a Personalized Festival Wristband

Know what parts make up a custom cloth wristband

Sublimation Ribbon

The advanced dye-sublimation printing process prints colorful designs on the surface of the satin ribbon, which is bright and shiny. This is the best choice for colored event wristbands!

Woven Ribbon

The weaving process gives texture to the ribbon and makes your fabric event wristbands durable. Most importantly, gold and silver threads can only be achieved on woven ribbons!

Single-use Lock

Our plastic lock for festival wristbands has barbs inside that allow it to slide in only one direction. Single-use locks are great for being used for a variety of short-term events.

Reusable Closure

The reusable closure (available in both plastic and aluminum) has a smooth interior. We recommend choosing plastic bead for woven wristbands and aluminum tube for printed wristbands.

Custom Cloth Wristbands are Used Everywhere

  • Custom Festival Wristbands

    No matter how the world changes, the festival still comes as scheduled. Celebrating at the festival is a great way to release stress. And custom festival wristbands are one of the integral parts of the festival. We need it to bring everyone together. Everyone with a festive wristband on their wrist is our partner, and we can revel, celebrate, and make wonderful memories together on this day! Contact us now to order your personalized festival wristbands!

  • Custom Party Wristbands

    What do you need when hosting a party? Champagne, gourmet food, and personalized party wristbands. It is very necessary to distinguish different groups of people through custom party wristbands. This has both safety considerations and crowd segmentation reasons. It weighs less than 3g, and you can barely feel it in your hands. The cloth wristband printed with unique party design conveys the signal and meaning of party to the outside world all the time!

  • Custom Wristbands for Events

    Custom cloth wristbands can be used for many events, one of the most important events being concerts. Such as Glastonbury and Creamfields festival. Without exception, they all require custom concert wristbands during their events. Custom event wristbands are the most economical but most effective way to promote events and your own brand. There is no doubt that this is very easy to enter the minds of users and bring potential cooperation opportunities for your business!

  • Personalized Wristbands for Weddings

    Personalized cloth wristbands are a must in a wedding. Woven cloth wristbands with gold or silver threads, and bright red or purple yarns add to the festive atmosphere. At the same time, weaving wedding wristbands with different identities is one of the most important means of distinguishing those present. On this grand occasion, everyone raised their hands to express their sincere wishes to the bride and groom. Personalized wristbands for weddings spread Joy and Happiness!

How it Works

Buy custom cloth event wristbands online with our super easy ordering system

  • Step 1. Order Online

    Use only 38s, select your qty, color and upload the logo file for your own printed festival wristbands.

  • Step 2. Artwork Confirmation

    Our sales team will send you the digital proof within 12h. Please keep an eye on your email.

  • Step 3. Deliver to You

    Your fabric wristbands will be sent out by Express and delivered on time. We’ll never let you down.

Take Works from Our Customers

  • “4inlanyards provided me with custom-made wristbands based on my brand colors. Megan did it come out great. Wonderful quality, quick turnaround, awesome customer service!”

    Eugene M. Strategic Sourcing Buyer, MAHLE
  • “I was very impressed with the quality of the custom event wristbands we ordered. The website was user-friendly and intuitive, which is very important to me. Highly recommend!”

    Leslie A. Marketing, Blue Lake Casino & Hotel

Colored Wristbands for Events
at 4inLanyards ®!

4inlanyards® wholesale festival wristbands and make it easy to buy custom event wristbands no minimum online.

Frequently Asked Questions about
Cloth Custom Wristbands

  • What fabric is used for festival wristbands?

    There are 2 main materials for fabric festival wristbands: woven polyester & printed satin.

  • Why are custom cloth wristbands so popular?

    In short, it's cheap enough to do a lot. Custom cloth wristbands are widely used in various events, like concerts, weddings, parties, etc. The ultra-low price of less than US$1 has helped many event organizers to save budget. It is considered one of the most economical promotional products along with custom lanyards and event badges.

  • How to take off cloth wristbands?

    It depends on the accessories on the cloth bracelets. If it is a single-use toggle, it is not easy to remove, and you have to cut the cloth event wristband with a scissor; if it is a reusable bead, it can be taken off by sliding easily.

  • What to do with old festival wristbands?

    The old, personalized festival wristband is often kept as a souvenir. It carried the happy hour of that event, and can wake up your good memory.

  • How to make your own festival wristbands?

    Ordering custom fabric event wristbands through 4inlanyards® is super easy, it only takes 3 steps:

    1. 1. Select the quantity, upload your logo, and confirm the delivery date you want.
    2. 2. Approve the digital proof from 4inlanyards' professional design team.
    3. 3. Just wait for the festival bracelets to be delivered within the estimated date.

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