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Custom ID Cards & Event Badges

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Give your employees their ID cards with sleek, smart, and professional touch by customizing your cards with us. Our Id card printing service provides options for various shapes and sizes of cards with intricate designs and patterns in different prints stamped by latest printing technology. Made from quality PVC plastic, they can be used as membership, VIP, loyalty, reward, medical, transaction, access, and insurance cards.

Our employee ID badges are well-made and provide the heavy-duty feel that paper cards fail to. We print the show stealing cards as demanded by our customers with a full spectrum of colors based on your needed logo, scheme, desired print position and punch holes in a variety of options. Ideal for distributing to corporate customers, business associates, employees, event staff, members, and attendees, increasing security and preventing unauthorized access to your company. To identify authorized personnel, they are best to use at conferences, exhibitions, offices, factories, concerts, festivals, meanuvers and educational institutions.

Our work identity cards are tear-resistant and moisture-resistant to wear with lanyards and badge reels giving great functionality to the use of these cards. Hence, they are effective tools for business owners, event organizers, and entrepreneurs to introduce their brand and event to potential patrons boosting brand exposure. Expose your contact information of brand or company to other parties through these clear and smear-free Customized ID cards stunned with bright colored textures to stand out from the crowd and attract people’s attention while reflecting professionalism and leaving a good impression. So, steal the show for your company with our employee identification badges that will meet your promotional, personal, and business needs. Being lightweight, and portable, the plastic cards are easy to carry in wallets, purses, pockets, backpacks, and phone covers.

What is the artwork approval process and how long does it take?

When we receive a custom order with design elements, our art department will layout the design and imprinting elements in an digital art proof and forward the proof to you for review. This is to ensure that we have correctly captured and interpreted the design aspects of your order. Our turnaround time is within 2-3 hours per approval cycle and production will not begin until we have received final approval from you.

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Everything You Need to Know About PVC ID Cards

What are PVC cards??

PVC or polyvinyl chloride is a durable plastic polymer used for many purposes. We can see it in many areas of our home. It is a material used in countless items we utilize every day. On records, there are utmost 40 million tons of PVC are produced each year, making it the most used polymer of its kind.

One widely known item made from PVC is ID Cards. It is 100% recommended material for custom ID cards because of the efficiency and security it provides. Well, aside from being a durable and flexible material. A PVC ID card has the easiest ability to adapt to printing all text prints, as well as photographs and graphics that would keep your business security up high. We can add holographic imprints and watermarks to heighten security and vulnerability to faking.

Using a PVC ID Card does not only mean that your company badge is hard to reproduce. But it also boosts the professional image of your organization. They are proven to be flawless as regards ink print output. Every detail is accurate as designed. And you cannot be worried about any smudges or bleeding after printing or being exposed to some heat.

Aside from that, a visitor can have an immense first impression of your capability as an organization or service provider with upfront PVC ID cards or custom VIP passes. They say first impressions are imperative and are fundamental to sealing a deal, whether big or small, now or in the future. With the PVC custom ID cards’ smooth and faultless printing output, you can enhance your visitor's and employees' experience, making them feel like VIPs.

Another thing wherefor most agencies opt for a custom plastic ID cards other than the security and quality it provides is its cost-effectiveness. In regards to the high benefits anyone can get using PVC ID cards, it does not and will not cost you a lot of fortune. All these benefits and creating a good name for a company is what most business owners deliberate about having PVC ID cards.

How to Print on PVC Cards?

Whether you want to print a custom ID card, a business card, or a gift card, or if you need to have a functioning barcode on your cards, you have to think about the things you necessitate. For any reason, you should first think about the equipment required. If you cannot provide all those, then it is time to think of contacting a vendor.

Here are some tips and facts about printing PVC cards:

Printing on PVC Cards

What are PVC ID card sizes?

There are a variety of PVC ID card sizes available. There are only a few differences actually, but knowing the right PVC custom ID card size for you makes a lot more difference to the output of your card. As the size is a very crucial point in emphasizing the purpose of the card. At the same time, it primarily helps to identify what printer or system can best provide your desired product.

Where Can I Have Custom Id Cards Made?

Today, there are many avenues where we can avail of a good quality custom PVC ID card. Here are two of the best places where you can find what custom ID badge you are looking for.


At present, Amazon is one of the largest marketplaces online. Several manufacturers offer ID card printing on Amazon, too. They have their different offers and specialty. With that, Amazon is one easy way to work your way around finding the perfect custom badge cards producer for you. If you need only a limited quantity of ID cards, like one or two, Amazon is the right choice.


If you are looking for a professional ID card producer online, then 4inlanyard is what you are looking for. We are a team of experienced custom printed ID cards manufacturers that provides all the possible details about ID cards. We have been in the industry specializing in producing lanyards, ID cards, badge reels and many more. We also offer a bulk price package for custom ID cards in bulk orders. Indeed, a good choice for large organizations and event sponsors.

How to Order Custom ID Card Online?

With 4inlanyards easy-to-operate online customization ordering system, you only need a few seconds before you can complete your custom event badges no minimum purchase.

There you have it! Get ready to receive a confirmation email from their customer service representative together with the final layout of your custom plastic event badges.

For your event ID badge needs, 4inlanyard is the professional team giving you the best solution possible. Check on their website!

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