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ID Card Holder

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Our scrubbed, sturdy, and tensile ID card Holders are a not to be missed and handy piece for your IDs, swipe cards, ATM cards, tickets, and badges. It shields them from any debris and has enough strain bearing capability. These ID Badge Holders are up for grabs in two configurations, horizontal and vertical. They are in stock in a variety of material including silicon, Leather, and Aluminum material with punched apertures to clip your lanyards, chains, and badge reels as per your provision.

Our badge Holders are spotless from both aspects, ensuring your ID is visible from both front and back. These Work ID Holders are the ideal choice to use for security sanction and access at schools, offices, trade shows, concerts, festivals, and other events.

They shield the vulnerable ID stuff from water droplets, air contamination and from bending and protect the imprinted info on them. Keep your tickets, membership cards, and season passes safe with this handy piece. Moreover, the pre-punched chain and slot fissures make them easily clip with lanyards, badge reels, clips, or straps. Their ability to retain items in handy form make them a perfect element to attach your badges and credentials.

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