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Our scrubbed, sturdy, and tensile ID card Holders are a not to be missed and handy piece for your IDs, swipe cards, ATM cards, tickets, and badges. It shields them from any debris and has enough strain bearing capability. These ID Badge Holders are up for grabs in two configurations, horizontal and vertical. They are in stock in a variety of material including silicon, Leather, and Aluminum material with punched apertures to clip your lanyards, chains, and badge reels as per your provision.

Our badge Holders are spotless from both aspects, ensuring your ID is visible from both front and back. These Work ID Holders are the ideal choice to use for security sanction and access at schools, offices, trade shows, concerts, festivals, and other events.

They shield the vulnerable ID stuff from water droplets, air contamination and from bending and protect the imprinted info on them. Keep your tickets, membership cards, and season passes safe with this handy piece. Moreover, the pre-punched chain and slot fissures make them easily clip with lanyards, badge reels, clips, or straps. Their ability to retain items in handy form make them a perfect element to attach your badges and credentials.

Everything You Need to Know about ID Card Holder

ID Card Holders are available in many varieties. They are an affordable and practical way of protecting identification cards from wear and tear. They can be attached to a lanyard. Other simply functions as a case or a badge holder wallet. Some varieties can be attached directly to your clothing with a pin, a clip, or a magnet. The ID card holder has many other features that make it one of the most sought-after items when it comes to organizing.

With all the variation and functionality that has been in the market for ID badge holders, it can be overwhelming to choose the best for you. To help you realize what type suits you better, here is thorough information on what you need to know about ID cardholders.

What are ID Cardholders?

The ID cardholder is an essential tool that brings your organization to the next level. Why? Simply because an ID badge holder supports and equips employees’ morale promoting their productivity and efficiency in the work field. By providing them with quality work id badge holders is setting them up for success together with your business. It is, therefore, a good investment and a great tool to keep everyone supported and visibly valued.

Name badge holders are usually rectangular and can be horizontal and vertical in orientation. They are made from plastic, silicone, leather, or any other. ID Badge cardholders also come in different colors and sizes. There are specifications you need to identify to find out what’s critical for you and your organization. Other functionalities make one variety distinct from the other.

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Why do you need ID Case Holders?

There are several reasons why many suggest having an ID badge cardholder. We may not see it directly, but when you have had an ID card for a long time now, you may notice the changes that it got through. You might see some fading, chipping on its sides, or others may have it damaged. Sure though, you can report it to the admin or HR to have it replaced instantly. But as a business owner, that’s another expense, right? These instances might get you wondering what could you do to refrain this from happening again.

Well, here comes the ID case holders to answer your dilemma. ID cardholders are, as mentioned, a protective tool that covers your ID Cards and refrains from fading, chipping, tearing, and having them damaged. Other than that, here are additional reasons why you need an ID case holder.

Which add-on products do you need for your badge holder?

Like there are varieties of badge holders available, there are also several holder add-ons offered in the market. Let’s take a look at some popular and effective add-ons you can try for your badge holder.

Where to buy ID badge holders?

Today, there are many avenues where you can easily avail an item, especially online. Speaking of shopping online, Amazon is one of the go-to of most buyers. It has a variety of products sold all day. This product includes ID badge card holders and their attachments. You can choose from many quality pieces that can surely be a worth it buy. Indeed, Amazon is an all-in-one boulevard when you buy one to two pieces of each item. It will cost you more, especially if you buy in bulk when it comes to shipping.

Other than Amazon, many independent online stores manufacture ID badge holders online. One of those is the 4inLanyards. 4inLanyards is one of the top suppliers of lanyards and lanyard attachments. We also produce ID badge card holders and accessories. Buying in bulk can be a lesser investment if you buy with them. We are a certified wholesaler when it comes to lanyards and ID badge holder case.

Types of ID card Holder Available at 4inLanyards

• Silicone Card Holder

One distinguishing factor of this type of id card holder is its moisture-wicking ability that aids id cards to retain their original shape for a long time. 4inLanyards silicone id card holder is scrubbed and stain-resistant. It is in a vertical orientation that embodies premium silicone material. This type has holes where you can clip in lanyards, badge reels, or chains.

• Leather Card Holder

If you are looking for a sleeker and more professional look without much effort, a leather cardholder can do your best. This leather cardholder has great value when it comes to material and appearance. It has a plumb-vertical orientation like the silicone cardholder. It has a moisture-wicking ability. This holder shields your ID from contamination and moisture.

• Rigid ID Card Holder

Unlike the first two types, the Rigid ID cardholder is in a horizontal orientation. It is a simple, transparent cardholder ideal for your tickets, ATM cards, and identification cards. Manufactured in premium material that has punched apertures where you can clip lanyards or badge reels. This cardholder is smear-free and strain-absorbent quality material.

• Plastic Card Holder

This clear plastic id card holder is cleansed and tensile piece. Its versatile and sleek design is the most durable and handy amongst the variety of cardholders available in 4inLanyards. This type is available in square, sharp and high-end plastic material. They are spotless in both appearance and the ability to protect your id cards from damage.

• Aluminum Card Holder

This vertical metal id badge holder is one perfect tool when it comes to promotional efforts and gift-giving. Its ultra-high-quality fixtures in aluminum make a safety shield for your id cards and ATM cards. It can be an exclusive gift for your team or can be a giveaway at one of your company’s prestigious events. 4inLanyards aluminum cardholder is available in six bright colors.

To know more about 4inLanyards ID badge holders and other products, visit our website at We are backed with customer service professionals that would cater to all your queries about our products and services.

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