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Custom Event Badges

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4inLanyards® wholesale custom event badges online starting at $0.35 to help you save time & money!

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What kind of custom event id badges do we offer

At 4inLanyards®, we strive to make custom laminated event badges as easy as we can, hoping to win you smooth and success for activities of every kind! Welcome to choose the following plastic event badges:

  • Glossy Custom Event Badges

    Glossy custom event badges is the most popular type among the 3 types of finishing. With its smooth and shiny polished outlook, the glossy event name badges serve conferences and trade shows very well. Holding these well-printed trade show badges and event lanyards, it just as fresh and vibrant as your events and company.

  • Frosted Custom ID Badges

    Don’t know what is the best finishing type for custom ID badges? Just go for the frosted one! The frosted surface is not that easy to be scratched, and it is waterproof, anti-corrosion and anti-bending, which makes custom event badge a relatively top choice for business conferences. Combined with our custom badge reels or personalized lanyards, it will become the most exquisite conference name badges and memorable vip event badges.

  • Matte Custom Laminated Badges

    Matte custom laminated badges are quite aesthetically pleasing because of the modern and clean look they give. It gives a clean and smooth finish that works quite well with subdued colors and designs on custom event passes. Additionally, the matte finish removes the glare from the pvc event badges and is affected by fingerprints in case someone touches it.

Event Badge Printing Method

Know more about how your event id badges printed so well.

4-Color Printing

CMYK is a subtractive printing method relying on layered dots of color to cover the white background. Inks come in 4 colors: Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Key. That is exactly the abbreviation of the 4 colors.

Digital Printing

Similar to the pixels on a digital image or montage, CMYK inks are applied in set patterns that appear to create a solid color. Layers of these in different amounts of ink create any shade or color as we want.

CMYK Printing

CMYK colors sometimes translate in terms of percentages. For instance, the blue color C100 M30 Y0 K0 on your event badges. The subtractive nature makes CMYK the best way to reproduce colors accurately each and every time.

Custom Event Badges are Used Everywhere

  • Custom ID Cards for Daily Use

    Best option for identification ever! It seems like every walks of life needs custom ID cards. We receive a bunch of favorable comments from company owners, saying that how helpful our event id cards are to their staff and clients! Especially for schools, students wearing these custom event name badges with the designed-accordingly lanyards come in and out, which is convenient to the school security jobs and increase a sense of proud to some extent.

  • Custom Event Badges

    Every event cannot do without the custom event badges, no matter big or small. If it is not rush, please do remember get the event badge design and quantity allocation settled 2 weeks before, and contact us without any hesitation, we will sure to finish your branded id badges for events and delivery without fail. And now it’s ok to buy custom event wristbands and acrylic keychains directly on our website, or you can visit 4inBandana® to buy custom neck gaiters or tote bags for your event!

  • Custom VIP Passes

    VIP guests always be that important! That’s why sometimes every custom VIP pass should be printed different according to their name, position and profile. No worries, 4inlanyards® got this! We are of fully experiences in handling orders like this, offering a premium sense of use to your clients and guests. Click here get the template of custom vip badges and share your differentiate ideas.

  • Custom Trade Show Badges

    Have an upcoming trade show or fair? Do remember to take the custom event badges and lanyards along with your team. Custom trade show badges help your customers to easily find and identify your staff, and also a clear way helping your work members figure out important clients, vice versa. Having customers easily and personally identify your company and team members by the specially designed event staff badges is a no brainer! It's the start of building rapport, key to sales.

How it Works

Create custom event badges online by our super easy ordering system

  • Step 1. Design Online

    Use only 38s, customize your event id badges with preferred size, finishing and Hole styles.

  • Step 2. Artwork Confirmation

    Our sales consultant will send you the mock-up within 12h. Please keep an eye on your email.

  • Step 3. Deliver to You

    Custom convention badges will be sent out by FedEx and delivered before your event date. We will never let you down.

Take Works from Our Customers

  • “I'm a designer and 4inLanyards® is the only print shop I use in CA. 4 separate event name badges orders in a week. The quality is unmatched and their amazing customer service makes them unbeatable.”

    Raven M. Designer, Nevermore Designs
  • “Thanks for inviting. First of all, 4inLanyards® is great! My boss is satisfied and I will definitely come back for the upcoming events. You are my strategic ‘conference badges and lanyards’ partner!”

    Kerry B. Program Manager, BCMX

Custom Event Passes Online
at 4inLanyards ®!

Behind every finely custom conference badges is 4inLanyards®. We make it easy for you to buy custom event badges no minimum!

Frequently Asked Questions about
Custom Event Badges

  • How much does it cost to make event badges?

    We provide the most economical event badges customization service. 100pcs credit card size event badges for only $72, 500pcs for only $216, and 1,000pcs for only $324.

  • Can I design the personalized event badges by myself?

    Sure, our website supports users to upload their own design files. If the file is too large to upload, you can also contact us by email.

  • Where can I get the event badge template?

    Click here to get a professional template of event badge from us! We make event badge custom easily :)

  • Can you provide design support for my custom VIP Passes?

    Of course, our designer team will provide you with free design service of custom laminated badges. You can contact us for this exclusive service.

  • How to make event badges?

    We provide a super easy online ordering system for custom plastic event badges, you just need to go through the following 6 steps:

    1. Step 1. Select ID Card Size
    2. Step 2. Select your card finishing
    3. Step 3. Choose your PVC orientation
    4. Step 4. Choose your Hole style
    5. Step 5. Upload artwork
    6. Step 6. Select delivery date

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