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Custom Lanyards

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What kind of custom lanyards do we offer

At 4inLanyards®, we strive to make customized lanyards as easy as we can. Here we offer you a lanyard custom paradise, just select between according to your usage scenario:

  • Sublimation Lanyards

    So called full color lanyards. With the sublimation printing method, they are crafted carefully to highlight even the smallest of printed detail on them. Different logos, designs, and messages, which require multiple colors can be printed on. And honestly, dye sublimated lanyards are the fastest way of lanyard selection for urgent use, so some people also call it fast custom lanyards!

  • Custom Polyester Lanyard

    Flat polyester lanyard's color can be dyed according to the Pantone Guide, which makes it not that easy to fade under any using conditions. By silk screen printing, polyester lanyards are the most economical ones for every type of use. The durability and longevity of use of these lanyards are very long.

  • Customized Tubular Lanyard

    Shaped like a shoelace, it is named a tubular lanyard. Same as those flat polyester lanyards, your design will be also silk screen printed on the twilled tube lanyards. Users can wear them all day long without any discomfort as they are soft to touch and light in weight.

  • Printed Nylon Lanyard

    Nylon lanyard is the most recognized lanyard type around the world. It has the most high-quality silk screen printing on them which make the logos stand out prominently. The rich look due to the shiny fabric is perfect to display name labels and brands as your company logo lanyards or trade show lanyards.

  • Custom Woven Lanyards

    Also named durable embroidered lanyards. Different from other lanyards, custom woven lanyards have no printing method, but woven to make up the full length of lanyard. It is not easy to make the logo fall off but only supports simple pattern or text for customization. Moreover, woven lanyards are all machine washable due to this special process.

3 Ways of Lanyard Printing

Know how the customizable lanyards printed and select your preferences.

Silk screen printing

Screen printing is optimal for different promotional lanyards. To start with, we will create the printing frame for each color in your design. The frame is placed on the lanyards, and lanyards are colored with the help of a scraper.

Dye sublimation

Sublimation is a great and commonly used process that allows for vivid, full color, all-over prints. All of the design elements including the team logo, patterns, colors, and numbers all become a part of the lanyard.

Woven process

Woven method is alike to weaving. It is a widely used method of textile production. The logos are also in the custom lanyard, and betterly, they will be not fade and disappeared. Decades as a day!

Custom Lanyards are Used Everywhere

  • Promotional Lanyards for Event

    Printed with your event's design, these promotional lanyards with event badges can help your staff identify each other and special guests. There is no doubt that custom id badge lanyards make your staff more visible on any event occasion. And they also make things easier for your clients to know who to approach should they have any questions or concerns. (Btw, wearing promotional beanie hats can be even better!)

  • Branded Lanyards for Company

    Using branded lanyards to carry some form of ID cards or badges helps everyone at your company feel safe and identified. Apart from practical and security-based uses, you can also use the custom logo lanyards to continuously promote your brand throughout the event and daily formal business. (Of course, branded clipboards and phone wallets are also practical in the office!)

  • Custom Lanyards for School

    Custom lanyards are an extremely cost-effective way to bump up security in your school. Students can be handed a lanyard with their school ID wallet attached to them, educational staff will have a personalized teacher lanyard with their staff ID badges, and visitors will be handed a lanyard with a visitor pass at the end. And yes, printing lanyards in different colors for different groups is also a great idea!

  • Custom Church Lanyards

    In church gatherings, wearing custom printed lanyards with ID cards for the purpose of identification or security is not something that is commonly seen. However, churches often sponsor events, which require people to have lanyards & ID holders. More importantly, it is proved to be extremely useful for large gatherings or events. (Cloth wristbands & can coolers are also highly recommended for church events!)

How it Works

Create your lanyards online by our super easy ordering system

  • Step 1. Design Online

    Use only 38s, select your preferred size, color and attachments for your own lanyards.

  • Step 2. Artwork Confirmation

    Our sales team will reach out to you along with your artwork within 12h. Please keep an eye on your email box.

  • Step 3. Deliver to You

    Lanyards will be sent out via FedEx and delivered within your requested date. We’ll never let you down.

Take Works from Our Customers

  • “Wanted to purchase a batch of custom lanyards for our charity, however limited on the budget... Then I sent an inquiry. Thing turned out great, the sales person offered me a non-profit discount. Really appreciate at all your help!”

    Brent M. Operations Manager, ACEing Autism
  • “My stationary is near by a high school. The designer is so great and help me come up with several funny designs. Just receive my package, I believe students will love these cool lanyards and this will bring me a fortune.”

    Jackie M. Co-founder, Twin Tees

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Frequently Asked Questions about
Custom Lanyards

  • How can I use customized lanyards?

    Normally, lanyards are widely used for security and convenience, making a positive impression on branding. We offer a variety of attachments and hooks that can be used to hold ID cards, event badges, keys, and more.

  • How long should a lanyard be?

    Our regular lanyard length is around 36”, standard in our industry. If you need to customize lanyard length, please feel free to contact us and we can offer the accordingly length of high quality custom lanyards as you wish.

  • Can I see the proof before placing my lanyard order?

    That is totally no problem. Just send us a message along with your lanyard design file, and we will send through the mock-up for your approval.And then you can decide to order custom lanyards online through us.

  • What are customizable lanyards usually made of?

    There are numerous lanyard materials to choose from. The more popular ones include: polyester, nylon, satin, etc. At the same time, lanyards made of eco-friendly materials are on the rise, such as recycled PET (polyethylene terephthalate), biodegradable cotton, bamboo fiber, etc.

  • How much do custom lanyards cost?

    This is usually determined by the material and number of lanyards you want. Take the most popular 3/4'' dye-sublimation lanyards as an example: 100 pieces are priced at $180, 1,000 pieces are priced at $684, and 10,000 pieces are priced at $4,950.

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