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Custom Woven Lanyards

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Order long-lasting custom woven lanyards bulk online for your business & school, as low as $0.55 each.

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What kind of customized woven lanyards do we offer

As the leading lanyard supplier in the U.S., 4inLanyards® is here to serve everyone, allowing everyone to order custom woven lanyards no minimum online at better prices.

  • Custom Woven-in Lanyards

    Custom Woven-in Lanyards use a unique sewing process that allows your logo and information to be woven directly onto the polyester lanyards. If your design is simple without too many details and colors, our custom lanyards with embroidered logo will be your best choice for daily wear or attending events. Embossed letters and graphics are clear enough to help you grab the attention of your target customers easily. At the same time, compared to the screen printing and sublimation process, the customized woven lanyards are extremely durable and difficult to fade, making them an ideal choice for long-lasting use and wear!

  • High-quality Custom Lanyards

    Maybe you have the same idea as me. If you are looking for high-quality custom Lanyards, the first idea that comes to mind is custom woven lanyards. The unique difference between customized woven lanyards and other personalized lanyards is that your simple design details and logo are sewn directly into the durable polyester material. The elegant look and woven feel make it stand out when worn around the neck at a commercial event or promoting a charity event. For long-term use and the best value for your promotional investment, high-quality woven lanyards with ID cards are the perfect identification solution.

  • Custom Embroidered Lanyards

    Perhaps custom embroidered lanyards that will not fade can accompany you in different life scenes. In the sweaty summer, the text on the jacquard lanyard will not lose its original colorful colors due to sweat. Top quality keeps your logo bright and eye-catching even when you're sweating profusely. Or on a humid and rainy day, even if you work hard in the rain, the color of the personalized woven lanyards will not fade due to rain. The embroidery process used on the lanyard allows the color of the text and logo to be firmly attached to the surface of the lanyard, so you no longer have to worry about fading. Top quality embroidered lanyard, you deserve it.

3 Elements of a Custom Woven Lanyard

Learn about the main materials and processes of custom woven lanyards

Weaving Process

The weaving process can make the lanyard look premium. The tight weave pattern combined with the sturdy polyester material makes woven-in lanyards extremely durable and can withstand stress and damage.

Durable Polyester Material

Our woven lanyards are made from durable polyester, whose tear and abrasion resistance make it an excellent choice for textile products. And it lasts longer than regular materials and maintains its shape and appearance over time.

Good-quality Metal Clips

We use good-quality metal clips for our custom woven lanyards, such as Thumb Trigger, Bulldog Clip, Premium oval hook & Metal black hook, which are very popular among the public for their corrosion resistance & durability.

Custom Woven Lanyards are Used Everywhere

  • Promotional Woven Lanyards

    Promotional woven lanyards are the most classic promotional items. It offers that classic lanyard look: the back side of lanyards will be a complete reverse flip of the front side. You can customize any text and logo you want on the lanyard. At exhibitions or corporate events, custom jacquard lanyards emblazoned with your company logo can be worn around people's necks. This might be a good publicity opportunity. (Of course, our custom flight tags and slap bracelets may also be good choices among promotional items) Customized woven lanyards provide you with high-quality materials and optimal color expression.

  • Custom Jacquard Lanyards for School

    If you are looking for a product that is suitable for activities in the school, custom jacquard lanyards with event badges are one of the best choices. For the coming school events such as awards or ceremonies, many schools' purchasing departments will purchase custom embroidered lanyards from 4inlanyards. If both teachers and students wear woven lanyards personalized with logos or slogans during activities, it will not only be a good decoration from the appearance, but it can also boost everyone's spirit. (Also highly recommend our custom badge reels & custom clipboards for school use!)

  • Branded Woven Lanyards for Company

    Believe us, branded woven lanyards will be your perfect helper to enhance your company image and create an atmosphere of unity. Imagine that each of your employees wears a custom woven lanyard around their neck with the company name clearly embroidered on it. When they attend business meetings or receive clients, they will take great pride in the fact that they are instantly recognizable. Especially when attending some large trade shows or brand communication meetings, these woven lanyards with custom logo are like custom acrylic keychains & custom hand fans, which will not only maximize your brand exposure, but also keep your brand message in the minds of your target customers with a lasting impression.

  • Woven Polyester Lanyards for Events

    "Hi Corey, why did you buy custom woven polyester lanyards for this event, they are a bit expensive!"

    "Hey Jack, they are worth it! Custom woven lanyards are durable and good for repeated uses. If we buy dye sublimation lanyards or nylon lanyards, then they can only be used for around one year. But for woven-in lanyards, it is easy to use them for two or three years because our designs are embroidered onto the lanyards. Therefore, we don't have to buy custom lanyards again for upcoming meetings, parties, fundraisers, etc., which will really help us to save lots of money in the future!"

    "OK, Corey, then it's a smart decision to order embroidered lanyards this time!"

How it Works

Order top-quality custom woven lanyards at 4inLanyards in just 3 steps

  • Step 1. Order Online

    Use only 38s, select your qty, and color, and upload the logo for your customized woven lanyards.

  • Step 2. Artwork Confirmation

    Our sales team will send you the proof of woven polyester lanyards within 12hrs. Please keep an eye on your email.

  • Step 3. Deliver to You

    Your woven lanyards custom with logo will be sent out by Express and delivered on time. We’ll never let you down.

Take Works from Our Customers

  • "They look great! I love the color of our simple logo combo! Great quality! We will probably use you all in the near future. I appreciate your kind and timely communication, speedy delivery, and quality woven lanyards with custom logo."

    Ignacio J. Program Manager, JAJ
  • "The woven lanyards are absolutely beautiful. They were exactly what the client was looking for the high-quality micro-weaved material and quality exceeded my expectations. I'm sure we will receive lots of compliments.”

    Arlena J. Bookkeeper, FE

Custom Woven-in Lanyards Bulk
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4inlanyards® wholesale high-quality custom lanyards with embroidered logo online! Get your durable custom woven lanyards today!

Frequently Asked Questions about
Custom Woven Lanyard

  • What is a woven lanyard?

    The customized woven lanyards are made from polyester fabric. And the simple logo or text can be woven into it with thread. Compared with other kinds of lanyards, the logo on it will not easily fade over time.

  • What size is a standard woven lanyard?

    The standard size of our woven polyester lanyards is 36 inches and its standard width is 5/8, 3/4, and 1 inch.

  • What are woven lanyard materials called?

    The custom woven-in lanyards are made with high quality micro weaved material. The logo will not peel off easily through friction, so you can use it for a long time.

  • How do you brand an embroidered lanyard?

    Our embroidered lanyard is a great item to promote your brand. You can customize your brand logo on it. And then when you use it in your activity, everyone can see your brand logo, which will promote your brand.

  • Are custom embroidered lanyards still in style?

    Yes, custom embroidered lanyards are still very popular. Whether it is a school or a business, many people will purchase them in bulk for their event. For the company, it is a great promotional product, and for the school, it is a great item to boost the spirit of teachers and students.

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