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Personalized Lanyards

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What kind of personalized lanyards do we offer

At 4inLanyards®, our mission is to make personalization easy and fun! Therefore, you can choose the lanyard you want to personalize from any of the following types:

  • Rush dye sub lanyard

    If you're looking for rush lanyards, you've found the answer! Dye sub lanyard is the best choice for emergency events. Based on the efficient sublimation printing process, our production department can complete the production of rush lanyards within 24 hours and send them out by FedEx/DHL/UPS, which makes 7 days fast delivery possible. Don't hesitate, 4inLanyards® is your best choice!

  • Economical polyester lanyard

    Are you a non-profit organization? Still struggling with a low budget? You have come to the right place! As the most popular choice in the lanyard family, polyester lanyards are well-received for their economical prices! 100pcs printed polyester lanyards are even as low as $142, which is an incredible price. what are you waiting for? Hurry up and order your cheap personalized lanyards in bulk online today!

  • Comfortable tube lanyard

    Are you bulk ordering personalized id lanyards for students? In my opinion, the tube lanyard is the best choice for school lanyards! The soft double-layer polyester material allows the tube lanyard not to scratch the student's skin at any time. It is worthy of the name of its most comfortable lanyard representative! Any exclusive pantone color you want can be found on our website. Don't wait, go check it out!

  • Premium nylon lanyard

    No lanyard has ever held the title of quality lanyard as firmly as nylon lanyard! High-grade nylon yarns are interwoven on the machine for a shimmering, lustrous finish. Simple logo/text on the nylon lanyard can show an extraordinary texture! Do you want your group or members to stand out in an event setting? Then try the personalized lanyards for id badges now! You will be satisfied with your current choice!

  • Durable woven lanyard

    Durability is the biggest feature of woven lanyard! If you have encountered the situation where the logo of the lanyard falls off after 3 months, trust me, the woven lanyard will never disappoint you again! The embroidered lanyard made of strong polyester yarn keeps the logo from disappearing even after washing! And the only thing you need to worry about is not to lose it, or it will stay with you for a long time!

3 Ways of Lanyard Printing

Know how to print your own personalized business lanyards

Silk screen printing

Through manual silk screen printing, every logo on your own lanyard is devoted to the hard work and sweat of the printing workers! Simple craftsmanship with special meaning!

Sublimation printing

Dye sublimation printing covers the design to the surface of your lanyard through heat, and as the heat is transferred to the lanyard, it also comes from our service and heart!

Jacquard weaving

The jacquard weave process makes your personalized lanyard durable, with a maximum lifespan of up to 24 months, in other words, 2 years without changing the lanyard!

Personalized Lanyards are Used Everywhere

  • Personalized Lanyards for Event

    How to make the event more special? Maybe you just lack some personalized lanyards for your event. As the name suggests, the event lanyard is composed of a lanyard and an event badge, which are mainly used for the identification of the event personnel and the atmosphere. Yes, not just identify those members who come to the event, but create an exclusive atmosphere for your activity. Best of all, it's cheap enough that you can buy it for your event, no matter how low your budget is!

  • Personalized Company Lanyards

    Is there any company that doesn't have printed id lanyards? The answer is negative. Each company will provide their employees with personalized lanyards and unique ID cards with company branding. Companies with more people tend to pay more attention to this. Why? Because the personalized lanyard with id holder helps the internal management of the company's employees, which greatly improves the efficiency of the company's operation. At the same time, it is also a status symbol, and every employee can proudly tell others that I work here!

  • Personalized Lanyards for School

    When did we start wearing school lanyards? primary school? Or middle school? In any case, throughout the K12 stage, we can't do without a personalized school lanyard. It helps students move freely in and out of campus and classes, and it allows those around them to quickly identify where this student is coming from. Of course, there are also personalized lanyards for teachers, which allow students to quickly find teachers in corresponding positions for corresponding help. See, a simple lanyard brings so much convenience on campus.

  • Personalized Exhibition Lanyards

    Organizing a show requires a lot of preliminary preparations. What is indispensable is the personalised exhibition lanyard. There are tens of thousands of exhibitors and visitors at each exhibition. The trade show lanyard with id card holder is the most economical way to distinguish people. Of course, if you are an exhibitor, the personalized lanyards are also a good promotional gift to deepen visitors' memory of your company! The show is about to start? Hurry up and personalize your lanyards now!

How it Works

Create personalised lanyards online by our super easy ordering system

  • Step 1. Design Online

    Use only 38s, personalize your own id lanyard with preferred size, color and attachments.

  • Step 2. Artwork Confirmation

    Our sales consultant will send you the artwork within 12h. Please keep an eye on your email.

  • Step 3. Deliver to You

    Lanyards will be sent out by FedEx and delivered before your event date. We will never let you down.

Take Works from Our Customers

  • “I love this website. It's easy to use and even easier to reorder more lanyards when I need it. I have not had any problems with this company which is great. Hopefully it stays that way! Highly recommend!”

    Johnny S. Adult Ministry Pastor
  • “Great quality dye sublimation lanyards! These full color lanyards were perfect for our first in person meeting of 2022. Ordering was easy, and delivery on time. LOVE THEM!!! WILL ORDER AGAIN!!!”

    Julia A. Program Manager, LLESA

Personalized Lanyards
in Bulk at 4inLanyards®!

4inlanyards® pays attention to the needs of personalization in the market, so that everyone can personalize his own lanyard!

Frequently Asked Questions about
Personalized Lanyards

  • How long should an adult lanyard be?

    A popular standard adult lanyard length on the market is 36 inches. Of course, You can also make your lanyards personalized to any length you want.

  • How many types of lanyards are there?

    As a professional lanyard supplier, we provide the following 5 types of lanyards according to raw materials: Flat polyester lanyard, Dye sub lanyards, tube lanyards, nylon lanyards & woven lanyards; According to accessories, we provide the following types of lanyards: safety breakaway lanyards, open ended lanyards, key lanyards, id badge lanyards… Feel free to contact us 😊

  • Why are lanyards popular?

    From my professional point of view, because it is an economical activity item. Any company, school, or event competition is inseparable from personalized neck lanyards, and the price of less than $1 makes it so popular in the field of personalization.

  • How wide is a standard lanyard?

    The most common standard lanyard widths on the market are 5/8, 3/4, 1 inch. Of course, like the length, if you have a need for personalised width, please contact us and we will make it happen for you!

  • How to make personalized lanyards?

    Personalizing your lanyard has never been easier. You just need to follow our 8 simple steps below:

    1. Step 1. Select Lanyard Style
    2. Step 2. Select Lanyard Size
    3. Step 3. Select Lanyard Color and Quantity
    4. Step 4. Choose Lanyard Attachment
    5. Step 5. Additional Lanyard Upgrades
    6. Step 6. Add Badge Holders
    7. Step 7. Personalized Your Lanyard Imprint
    8. Step 8. Select Delivery Date

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