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Custom Keychains

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We make it easy for you to order custom keychains in bulk online, wholesale price as low as $1.45 each!

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What kind of custom acrylic keychains do we offer

The mission of 4inLanyards® is to make personalization easy & fun. Therefore, we wholesale acrylic keychains online, and you can order custom acrylic keychains no minimum at affordable prices!

  • Custom Acrylic Keychains

    Custom acrylic keychains are our flagship product (our main products also include custom air fresheners and can coolers). Different from the common single-layer acrylic keychains on the market, as the key chain maker, we sell better double-layer acrylic keychains online at lower prices. We hope that every customer does not need to worry that their personalized acrylic keychain is too thin and fragile to protect the design pattern. Our double-thickened PMMA material makes your custom key chains more durable!

  • Custom Clear Acrylic Keychains

    Tired of those drab metal keychains? Want your key chains customized with a colorful picture? Then our custom clear acrylic keychains must be one of the best choices! UV digital printing allows you to print any design and photo on the plastic keychain, whether it is anime characters, company branding, or a photo of you and your loved ones. Please believe that all of these can be perfectly printed on your personalized acrylic keychain, with a color reproduction rate of over 90%!

  • Custom Shape Acrylic Keychains

    Why are there so few custom shape acrylic keychains on the market? The reason is simple! Because the provider simply processed them, neither is a professional acrylic keychain supplier nor owns advanced keychain-making machines. Our CNC engraving machine not only makes the cutting surface smooth but also makes it possible for you to order custom acrylic keychains bulk at affordable price!

3 Processes of Custom Acrylic Keychain Making

Know how to make your custom logo keychains

UV Printing Process

UV printing process (also known as digital printing) can achieve any intricate design in full color on customizable acrylic keychains, which lets your design ideas be well reflected!

CNC Engraving Process

The CNC engraving process can cut logo keychains of any shape with a smooth cutting surface. Therefore, there is no minimum order quantity & mold fee for custom shaped keychains!

Double-layer Acrylic Finish

The high-definition transparent double-layer acrylic not only makes the key chain not easy to damage but also protects your design, which improves the durability of your key chains.

Custom Keychains are Used Everywhere

  • Custom Acrylic Keychain for Business

    Custom acrylic keychain plays an important role in promoting business sales! If you are still racking your brains that customers can't remember you, then I think you have found the answer! Let's dive in! Send each of your potential customers custom acrylic keychains double sided with your brand printed on it. Your brand will be continuously strengthened and enters the user's mind when he uses the customised acrylic keychain. Subtly, he will feel familiar with and trust your brand, and facilitate cooperation!

  • Customized Acrylic Keychain for Company

    If there is anything indispensable in the company, in addition to custom lanyards and ID cards, it may only be a customized acrylic keychain! After all, it is so light, with a single gram weighing no more than 15g, which is only equivalent to a third of the weight of an egg, but its effect is so great. Can you imagine? Just relying on small acrylic custom keychains, the employees of the company can have an extraordinary sense of collective honor and strong cohesion! Every employee who carries a print on demand acrylic keychain is so proud to be with such a company!

  • Personalized Acrylic Keychains

    Is your event budget limited? Custom tote bags at 4inBandana are too expensive? Let's take a look at the personalized acrylic keychains! Less than a tenth of the price of a tote bag, but more durable than it! After all, an event attendee won't be taking a tote bag all the time, but he'll probably be carrying a customized key chain for the rest of his life. There is no doubt that a high-quality double-layer acrylic keychain can be used for more than 24 months and above. Every time they take out the acrylic custom keychains, it is a precious time to wake up good memories. Your event will be firmly etched in the minds of the participants!

  • Sublimation Acrylic Keychains for School

    Still worrying about what kind of gifts to buy for school events? Then try the sublimation acrylic keychains! (Also highly recommend our custom folding fans & drawstring bags.) Put your unique design including your school's logo on a custom acrylic keychain. Such a personalized little gift is not only practical and convenient to carry (after all, as long as you have a key, whether it is a door key or a car key, you need it), but also alumni who are event participants will be sincerely proud of it. Ordering acrylic keychains bulk will be the most economical event souvenir, cheap but meaningful!

How it Works

Create custom key chains online with our super easy ordering system

  • Step 1. Order Online

    Use only 38s, select your quantity, color and upload the logo file for personalized acrylic keychains.

  • Step 2. Artwork Confirmation

    Our sales team will send you the proof of customised acrylic keychain within 12h. Please keep an eye on your email.

  • Step 3. Deliver to You

    Your custom acrylic keychains will be sent out by Express and delivered before your event date.

Take Works from Our Customers

  • “I was very pleased with how easy it was to order custom acrylic keychains I want, preview it, conform it, and then receive them quickly. I've bookmarked 4inLanyards for all our future orders! Thank You!”

    Bob A. Marketing Manager, Injen
  • “Megan was amazing. I know nothing about custom acrylic keychains. She emailed me and spoke to me 3x to make sure I had the right item and understood the process. Highly recommend!”

    Christine T. Founder, Creative Marx

Customized Keychains in Bulk
at 4inLanyards ®!

As the leading keychain maker, 4inlanyards® wholesale custom keychains online with fast service and high-quality standards!

Frequently Asked Questions about
Custom Keychains

  • Are acrylic keychains durable?

    The answer is yes! As a polymer material, acrylic is extremely durable. At the same time, the acrylic key chain we produced adopts double-layer acrylic to protect your design in the middle, which is much more durable than single-layer acrylic key chains on the market!

  • Can I design the personalized acrylic keychain by myself?

    Sure, our website supports users to upload their own design files. If the file is too large to upload, you can also contact us by email.

  • Do acrylic keychains scratch easily?

    Acrylic is a durable polymer, and although it is unbreakable, it has a lower hardness than alloys. If you scrape it with a sharp key or a knife, honestly, it will leave scratches on the surface. However, because we wrap your design in a double-layer acrylic, your design won't get scratched!

  • How thick are acrylic keychains?

    Generally, the thickness of the standard single-layer acrylic keychain on the market is 2mm. Our printed keychains are made of double layer acrylic, so the thickness is 4mm. Of course, as the acrylic keychain manufacturer, we can customize the thickness for you if you want a thicker keychain 😊

  • How much does an acrylic keychain weigh?

    To be honest, it depends on the size of the custom-made key chains you want. Common sizes of customizable keychains on the market are 1”, 1.5”, 2”, and 2.5”. Take the most popular 2” acrylic key ring as an example, its weight is about 10-14g.

  • How do I turn my artwork into keychains?

    If you want to implement your design on keychains, please contact us😊 We will print your design through advanced UV printing technology, then place it between two layers of acrylic boards, and use CNC engraving machines to reflect the outline of your desired design perfectly. Finally, these high-quality customized key rings will be delivered to you through FedEx's door-to-door service, and the amazing turnaround can be only 10-14 days!

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