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Custom Lanyards No Minimum

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Customize Your lanyards with no minimum order quantity, starting at just $0.38 per lanyard!

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What kind of custom lanyards no minimum do we offer

At 4inLanyards®, we're dedicated to providing economical, small-quantity custom services for groups that need lanyards. You can choose directly from the following types of lanyards:

  • Sublimation printing lanyard

    This is the best lanyard option for colorful designs and fast delivery. Thanks to the advanced sublimation printing technology, complex gradient designs and 24-hour fast production are possible now. There is no additional setup fee, so arrange for your group to order a small quantity of sublimation lanyards!

  • Printed polyester lanyard

    Flat polyester lanyard is known to be the most economical choice for lanyards. The effective combination of silk screen printing technology and polyester lanyard allows it to display the logo and text while reducing the cost by about 30%. This is the best solution for organizations with limited event budgets. Again, small quantities are no problem! Come check it out!

  • Tube shoelace lanyard

    Are you looking for a comfortable lanyard? The shoelace lanyard must be your first choice. The double-layer tubular construction keeps the edges of the lanyard soft. When the lanyard goes around the neck and the skin touches the lanyard, there will be no discomfort. This is the most suitable type of lanyard for all ages, be it children or the elderly.

  • Imprinted nylon lanyard

    Are you looking for premium lanyards? Nylon lanyards are a good option, which woven from nylon yarn with a shiny finish that other lanyards don't have. On the smooth surface, there is a textured screen-printed logo, and everything complements each other so well. From our professional point of view, a good team deserves the premium custom nylon lanyard!

  • Embroidered lanyard

    This is the best long-lasting lanyard representative! Thanks to the high-quality jacquard workmanship, once the logo is placed on the lanyard, it will not disappear, even with the passage of time, which is one of the reasons why jacquard lanyards are so popular. Simple logos or text are best displayed on embroidered lanyards. Buy once, use for one year.

3 Ways of Lanyard Printing

Know how to design your own printed lanyards no minimum order

Silk screen printing

Silk screen printing is one of the most recognizable ways of printing in custom lanyards. Simplicity and economy are synonymous with it. And it makes custom printed lanyards a product that everyone can buy!

Sublimation printing

CMYK four-color printing is widely used in the printing process of colorful products, which makes it possible to produce custom rush lanyards in 24 hours! And any complex design can be quickly done!

Jacquard process

The jacquard process allows the logo/words to become the texture of the lanyard during the weaving process. And it brings wear-resistant, long-lasting properties to the embroidered lanyard!

Custom Lanyards No Minimum are Used Everywhere

  • Event Lanyards

    The custom logo lanyard paired with carefully designed digitally printed event badges is what event lanyard is all about. Undoubtedly, event lanyards are one of the most economical ways to push activities. Whether it's a large football match or a small organizational gathering, printed lanyards are essential. Our design team provides free design services for every event organization, so what are you waiting for? Contact us now!

  • Company Lanyards

    Companies can't run without custom lanyards, just like the West can't lose Jerusalem. The company lanyard with the brand logo is the embodiment of professionalism, which makes every employee who wears the logo lanyard feel a sense of belonging. Yes, the custom company lanyard makes it very easy to bring the entire workforce together to work collaboratively for the company's mission and vision. So, why not order some custom lanyards for your business?

  • School Lanyards

    On campus, every student needs a lanyard, and so does every teacher. The lanyard with id holder is not only a tool for personnel inside and outside the district, but also a symbol of collective honor. Today we are proud of the school in the campus, and the school will be proud of us in the society in the future. Customized lanyards with school id cards have brought teachers and students from all over the world together and become the wealth of the school!

  • Exhibition Lanyards

    If you are going to a trade show, the custom lanyard is the most economical promotion! A lanyard printed with your company logo is given as a gift to every visiting customer, and even after they leave, they can quickly recall your company through the exhibition lanyard. Compared to receiving hundreds of business cards a day, the unique custom lanyard allows you to stand out from all exhibitors. There is no doubt that this will bring you a lot of cooperation opportunities!

How it Works

Create custom lanyards no minimum online by our super easy ordering system

  • Step 1. Design Online

    Use only 38s, design your own lanyard no minimum with preferred size, color and attachments.

  • Step 2. Artwork Confirmation

    Our sales team will reach out to you along with your artwork within 12h. Please keep an eye on your email.

  • Step 3. Deliver to You

    Lanyards will be sent out via FedEx and delivered before your requested date. We will never let you down.

Take Works from Our Customers

  • “Our team is only 26 people, we don't need a lot of custom printed lanyards, just a small quantity. 4inLanyards helped us get them very soon at a very cheap price. Highly recommended! And Definitely will order again!”

    Jim F. Manager, Target Copy
  • “These were ordered for my daughter. Her school organized an event that required 85 units custom lanyards. 4inLanyards helped me to receive them within 10 days. Everyone is satisfied with the quality and price!”

    Isabel R. Mother of a lovely girl

Custom Lanyards No Minimum
at 4inLanyards ®!

4inlanyards® compares prices daily from lots of competitors to ensure our lanyard prices are the lowest on the market!

Frequently Asked Questions about
Custom Lanyards No Minimum

  • Can I only buy custom lanyards in small quantities?

    Of course, we provide custom lanyard service with no MOQ for every customer in need, at the lowest price in the market! Contact us right now!

  • Why do you offer custom lanyard with no minimum order quantity?

    4inlanyards® focuses on small groups in society and is committed to providing them with simple and affordable online custom lanyard services.

  • Which types of lanyards do not have a MOQ?

    All lanyard types are available with no MOQ. Whether it's custom key lanyards, custom breakaway lanyards, or embroidered lanyards, any lanyard on our site offers this service.

  • Who do I contact for custom lanyards with no MOQ?

    Direct access to our super easy online ordering system! Orders from 1 to 30,000 can be placed directly, our sales consultant will contact you within 12 hours to confirm the order information.

  • Can I design our own lanyards by myself?

    You are the master. Our online design system makes designing your own lanyard easier than ever! Of course, if you already have the design file, please upload it when ordering, our designer team will make a mock-up for your reference!

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