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Custom Nylon Lanyards

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What kind of custom imprinted nylon lanyards do we offer

As the leading lanyard vendor in the United States, 4inLanyards® offers custom nylon lanyards no minimum with Free shipping, Free set-up & Free digital proofing!

  • Custom Printed Nylon Lanyards

    Embrace the vibrant showcase of your brand with our custom printed nylon lanyards. Made from top-grade nylon, these premium custom lanyards provide a flawless canvas for your logo, featuring crisp, detailed imprints that catch the eye. Ideal for both professional settings and casual events, our custom logo nylon lanyards are not just functional - they're dynamic branding tools that keep your message front and center. With our advanced screen printing process, your design comes to life with unparalleled clarity and boldness, turning each custom nylon lanyard into a wearable piece of your brand's story. Elevate your visibility with our printed nylon lanyards - where every print tells your story.

  • Custom Nylon Breakaway Lanyards

    Accidents may be inevitable, but our custom nylon breakaway lanyards offer an extra layer of protection! Equipped with a sturdy plastic safety buckle, it can be easily released with a gentle tug. Ideal for factory workers, office employees, and children, custom nylon neck lanyards provide peace of mind in various situations! Whether you accidentally get it caught in machinery, snag it on an elevator rushing to work, or if your kids potentially face danger while playing and fighting, the safety buckle's simple disconnect device allows the lanyard to detach immediately to avoid injury. Opting for our custom nylon lanyards is like purchasing favorable personal safety insurance - what's not to love?

  • Custom Smooth Nylon Lanyards

    Are you tired of rough and flimsy lanyards? Our custom smooth nylon lanyard is one of your best choices for a better feel. Compared with other materials of custom lanyards, our nylon custom lanyards are made up of smooth and shiny nylon material. Because of this, the final printing effect on custom-printed nylon lanyards will be better than other type of lanyard. When your employees wear nylon lanyards printed with your brand logo, it is a great way to get your company to attract the attention of potential customers at corporate conferences or trade shows. So please don't hesitate to choose our custom nylon lanyards, you will not be disappointed with them!

3 Elements of a Custom Nylon Lanyard

Everything you need to know about custom printed nylon lanyards

Screen Printing Process

The outstanding screen printing process adopted on our premium custom logo nylon lanyards offers vivid, long-lasting color options and intricate designs, enhancing their visual appeal and durability in various applications.

Shiny Nylon Material

Our printed nylon lanyards boast a beautiful glossy finish, combined with the silk screening to make your printing effect icing on the cake! Don't hesitate to make your brand shine with our custom nylon lanyards.

Various Accessories

We use good-quality clips for our custom nylon lanyards, including popular options like the thumb trigger, J-hook, badge reel, etc. These accessories are favored for their resistance to corrosion and durability.

Custom Nylon Lanyards are Used Everywhere

  • Custom Logo Nylon Lanyards

    Custom logo nylon lanyards play a vital role in attending meetings. They can not only serve as identification for attendees and distinguish between specific work departments, but also make it convenient for attendees to access cards, retractable badge reels, or keychains at any time, thus avoiding the trouble of searching pockets. Especially, custom design nylon lanyards with logos or meeting information can also remind people to pay attention to the theme of the conference. Obviously, compared with custom slap bracelets or custom cloth wristbands, wearing a uniform custom nylon lanyard in a meeting is more conspicuous and formal. Trust us, custom printed nylon lanyards will be professional for your conference!

  • Custom Nylon Lanyards for School

    Capture the essence of your school with our custom nylon lanyards, where every lively lanyard becomes a personal symbol that brings students and teachers together. From cheering at games to studying in the library, these durable, custom design nylon lanyards serve as functional items (Used with ID cards and card holders) and proud emblems of affiliation. Available in wholesale nylon lanyards, they become ubiquitous across campus, fostering a sense of belonging and shared identity at orientations, club fairs, and even cherished as keepsakes after graduation. Let our branded nylon lanyards be the wearable threads that connect every moment of the school experience.

  • Promotional Nylon Neck Lanyards

    The promotional nylon neck lanyards, with their unique features, should be your top choice for bulk orders! You can create your own promotional lanyards by choosing the length, color, attachment, and uploading your brand logo. At the same time, purchasing a combination of custom laminated badges to complete a set that brilliantly displays identification is certainly a smart choice. Suitable for various occasions, age groups, and classes, the custom logo nylon lanyards are particularly fitting for summer use due to their comfortable feel against the skin compared to custom woven lanyards. Many hands make light work - take action now and purchase custom nylon lanyards with badge holders for your team or project to fuel your success!

  • Premium Custom Nylon Lanyards

    Order premium custom nylon lanyards to witness your reunion and friendship. Although it has been many years since you left the university, you still feel sincerely happy to see each other again. You eat delicious food and drink wine together, and talk about the old days. The sun shines on everyone's smiling faces. On such an important occasion, what's the reason not to order the better quality imprinted nylon lanyards to commemorate this long-awaited reunion? Of course, if the reunion party is outdoors in the summer, I believe custom bottle openers and custom folding fans are also essential! Welcome to order custom printed nylon lanyards and more promotional products from 4inLanyards!

How it Works

Order premium custom nylon lanyards in bulk at 4inLanyards in just 3 steps

  • Step 1. Order Online

    Use only 38s, select your qty, and color, and upload the logo for your branded nylon lanyards.

  • Step 2. Artwork Confirmation

    Our sales team will send you the proof of printed nylon lanyards within 12hrs. Please keep an eye on your email.

  • Step 3. Deliver to You

    Your nylon lanyards custom with logo will be sent out by Express and delivered on time. We’ll never let you down.

Take Works from Our Customers

  • "This website offers quality products, good customer service, and convenient turnaround times. Prices are fair and products are just as promised. I was very content with these custom nylon lanyards. It deserves highly recommend!”

    Dan C. Baseball Coach, SH
  • "It's my 2nd time ordering from 4inlanyards and they have yet to disappoint! The imprinted nylon lanyards have come out exactly as expected and in a reasonable time. I will definitely be ordering again.”

    Bailee C. Corporate Manager, UX

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Frequently Asked Questions about
Custom Nylon Lanyard

  • What is nylon lanyard?

    A custom nylon lanyard is a durable and versatile type of lanyard made from nylon material. It is popular for its strength and ability to be easily customized with different colors, printing, or attachments. Promotional nylon neck lanyards are commonly used in schools, businesses, events, and other settings where identification or access control is necessary.

  • What is the difference between nylon and polyester lanyards?

    Compared to polyester lanyards, custom nylon lanyards look brighter and have a thicker texture. Imprints and logos are more prominent against the glossy background of a nylon lanyard, making it an ideal choice if you want your lanyard to truly stand out.

  • Which is better, nylon or polyester lanyard?

    Given their use for personalized lanyards, to be honest, there's no definitive winner between the two materials. Polyester lanyards are the most popular choice, but imprinted nylon lanyards can be incredibly eye-catching with their lustrous surface.

  • Is nylon good for sweating?

    You may have noticed that much athletic wear is made from nylon. Its stretchy, lightweight and quick-dry nature makes it an excellent fabric for sweating. Therefore, keep in mind that nylon neck lanyards can help conceal sweat stains and boost your confidence.

  • What lasts longer, nylon or polyester?

    Both polyester and nylon for lanyards are strong yet lightweight, owing to their polymer (plastic) composition. When it comes to material strength and durability, custom-printed nylon lanyards have an edge due to their superior ability to stretch.

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