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Custom Luggage Tags

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Create exclusive custom luggage tags bulk to fit your promotional needs at 4inLanyards, as low as $4.25 each.

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What kind of custom name tags for luggage do we offer

4inLanyards®, as the leading custom luggage tags wholesaler in the U.S., allows everyone to order custom luggage tags with logo online at affordable and worthwhile prices!

  • Custom Leather Luggage Tags

    Custom leather luggage tags can give your travel bags a touch of personality and make them easier to spot on the carousel after a long flight. But what’s the best option? Nothing says traveling in style more so than personalized leather luggage tags. Over time, leather develops a distinctive patina, a soft gloss that enhances its beauty and exudes class and sophistication, which adds a personal touch to your luggage tags and makes them identifiable. Compared to other materials, customized leather luggage tags are more durable, look neat and luxurious, and are more than just functional, but a fashion statement in their own right.

  • Custom Luggage Tags with Logo

    Our custom luggage tags with logo adopt a unique debossing process that allows your brand logo to be extremely durable, as it is pressed below the surface of the leather and is not easily worn by friction. This process gives branded luggage tags a fine definition of the pattern and text, which enhances the identification of the suitcase and brand image. In addition, its unique tactile effect increases the texture of the custom bag tags and makes them more high-end and atmospheric. Compared with foil stamping, debossing has the advantage that it creates a rich level and three-dimensional design to promote the aesthetic value of custom logo luggage tags!

  • Custom Signature Luggage Tags

    The chic custom signature luggage tags not only make your trunk luggage stand out with their elegant design but also come with a handy paper card slot that adds an extra touch of individuality and convenience to your trips. The versatility of this card is remarkable! You can write your name and contact information on this card. In case of an emergency, it can also be used to quickly display vital medical or SOS information. You can even add a local cultural stamp to the card to increase the commemorative value of the personalized bag tags. Additionally, it doubles up as a memo or temporary note. Choose the personalized luggage tag for your fashion and feeling of relief on every journey!

4 Elements of a Custom Luggage Tag

Learn about the main materials and processes of custom leather luggage tags

Good-quality Leather Material

Our customized luggage tags are made from high-quality PU leather with good air permeability, aging resistance, and environmental protection, which offers a timeless look that elevates the appearance of any baggage.

Debossing Process

Our personalized leather luggage tags undergo a meticulous debossing process that results in high-definition and long-lasting impressions, ensuring your unique style is preserved even through the wear of extensive travel.

Removable Identification Card

We use detachable paper cards for each personalized luggage tag, which can be easily replaced or rewritten so that you can customize your cards for different travel destinations or occasions, making every trip smoother.

Adjustable Buckle

Our custom leather luggage tags feature a sturdy metal buckle that can easily adjust the length of the strap, ensuring that the tag hangs securely on the suitcase and does not accidentally fall off while in transit.

Custom Luggage Tags are Used Everywhere

  • Customized Leather Luggage Tags

    On the road to business success, every nuance contributes to your corporate identity, and opting for our customized leather luggage tags as unique upscale ‘business cards’ will significantly bolster your venture's presence! With refined looks, superior craftsmanship, and personalized designs, the custom suitcase tags showcase the distinctive allure of your brand. They also demonstrate a thoughtful consideration for clients and associates. Ideal for bustling airports, sophisticated hotels, or various networking events, these custom leather luggage tags serve as a silent conduit for dispersing your brand's influence far and wide, and creating an indelible impression! Besides, our custom sticker rolls are also recommended to be your messenger!

  • Personalized Travel Luggage Tags

    Personalized travel luggage tags are your indispensable companion as you explore the world and enjoy your journey! Whether it is a business trip or a leisure vacation, customized leather luggage tags are the ideal choice for organizing and identifying personal belongings. Hot summer days are just around the corner and on your trip to islands such as Hawaii, it ensures that your suitcase is recognizable on the conveyor belt, which not only reduces the risk of loss but expresses your unique style with a personalized design. At the same time with our custom luggage straps & custom flight tags be your useful travel partners! Let convenience and personal taste go with you so that you can travel with confidence and anticipation!

  • Custom Leather Luggage Tags as Gifts

    Are you still struggling to select the perfect gift for your group? Look no further than our custom leather luggage tags! If you are a travel agent, these tags are essential accessories that your customers will adore. For newlyweds, you can create customized luggage tags as a token of appreciation for wedding guests, featuring a unified message of gratitude for their presence. In schools and educational institutions, custom leather luggage tag can be used as a reward for students who have outstanding academic achievements. For member clubs, these custom baggage tags could be a part of the loyalty program benefits, adding another layer of exclusivity to the membership! (Worth mentioning that our custom printed fans as gifts will add lots of fun to these events, too.)

  • Promotional Luggage Tags

    Promotional luggage tags aren't just a display of personality, but also the essence of savvy promotion. During holidays and festivals, you can create customized luggage tags with your brand logo as loyalty rewards or promotional products. In the ocean of branding, custom leather luggage tags add a stroke of extraordinary flair to your campaign with their unique appeal and utility. Picture this: in a bustling airport terminal, a distinctive and tastefully crafted tag might pique curiosity, sparking natural conversations about your brand! Together with our custom fabric wristbands as a powerful promotional item, stock up now for unbeatable deals that ensure your brand isn't just cherished but also remembered!

How it Works

Order cheap custom luggage tags at 4inLanyards in just 3 steps

  • Step 1. Order Online

    Use only 38s, select your qty, and color, and upload the logo for your custom leather luggage tag.

  • Step 2. Artwork Confirmation

    Our team will send you the proof of suitcase tags custom with logo within 12h. Please focus on your email.

  • Step 3. Deliver to You

    Your custom logo luggage tags will be sent out by Express and delivered on time. We’ll never let you down.

Take Works from Our Customers

  • "Good experience! Convenient team helped me with modifications to the logo to make them look better. I was very pleased with the custom suitcase tags I have received and their reasonable prices."

    Christopher B. Project Manager, GLAA
  • "Using the website to place my order is very easy. The custom leather luggage tags are exactly as described. The shipping was smooth and the tag is very high quality! Overall I was extremely content with this product and would not hesitate to order from again!”

    Marina T. Executive Director, KJK

Custom Luggage Tags Bulk
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4inlanyards® wholesale leather luggage tags online from $4.25 only! Order your custom luggage tags no minimum today!

Frequently Asked Questions about
Custom Luggage Tag

  • What is the purpose of a luggage tag?

    The main purpose of a customized luggage tag is to provide a personalized and recognizable travel accessory to ensure that the suitcase is identified and tracked during transportation, reducing the risk of mistaken possession or loss. It's easy for airlines or others to contact the owner of the baggage when necessary.

  • Are luggage tags a good idea?

    Custom luggage tags are beneficial for both you and other travelers, making them a worthwhile investment. If you don't have a way to label your travel trunks, it can be challenging to keep track of your trunk luggage.

  • What information should you not put on a luggage tag?

    You should not put personal information such as your home address or nationality on your personalized leather luggage tags. This information can easily be seen by anyone who handles your trunk suitcase, increasing the risk of theft or privacy invasion.

  • What is the safest way to fill out a luggage tag?

    You can fill in your first and last name, the address of your destination, and the latest phone number or email address on the custom luggage tags. It is worth mentioning that to keep your primary email private, you can set up a secondary email only for travel.

  • Where is the best place to put a luggage tag?

    One of the most common and effective ways to attach your custom leather luggage tags is to secure them to the exterior handle of your suitcase. This placement is easily visible to both airport staff and fellow travelers, making it easier to identify your bag in a sea of similar-looking luggage.

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